Thursday, June 25, 2020

A Few Quick Health Tips

A couple of quick health tips!
1. Your body actually NEEDS salt. It just needs to be QUALITY salt. (Avoid table salt at all costs, pre packaged foods, fast foods etc. They have astronomical amounts of poor quality salt.) I personally alternate between pink Himalayan, Celtic sea salt, herbed sea salt, & this.
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2. Corn, canola, & soybean oil are highly inflammatory & terrible for you. Stick to coconut, avocado, & a quality olive oil (which is only to be used on low heat, or preferable not heated at all). You need good fats like these for heart + brain health. This ad? LIES.
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3. Prep your veggies all at once so they’re ready for snacks & dinners for the next few days. Try to consume some at every meal! More green light foods = better health, better skin, better energy, improved weight management.
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4. Supplements are necessary with our current food industry, depletion of soil, etc. QUALITY supplementation is incredibly important. (Avoid synthetic forms of vitamins & a one sized fits all supplement regimen.) Co-factors are also important for proper absorption! You can take this free HIPPA compliant assessment to find out what you should be taking/avoiding & WHY based on your unique makeup.
👉🏻👉🏻 > take assessment (in the dropdown menu)
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🍏Take care of your’s the only place you have to live.
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