Thursday, April 23, 2020

Earthley: Earth Day Sale (One of our Fave Herbal Remedy Companies)

Over the last few years, I've been intentional about making swaps in our "medicine cabinet."

It's definitely taken time to build it, but Earthley is an incredible company and has been so helpful in rebuilding what I use to take care of my family if someone is under the weather. They are having an awesome Earth Day sale with 15% off site wide, so wanted to share in case you've never heard of them or want to take advantage of the savings & stock up.

These are all products we have personally tried and loved. (Please note: if we ever try something and don't like it..I don't share. And just for the record, we DID try the deodorant but you won't see that pictured here. Hahaha!) I also forgot to get the tooth mineralizing powder out of the bathroom, but we like that too.

If I could recommend just ONE product, it would definitely be the cod liver oil. That has INCREDIBLE benefits, especially for kiddos!!

All of their herbal remedies are SO, SO good, but my fave for moms of littles is defnitely The Feel Better Fast . This is what we use in place of Tylenol (which depletes glutathione) for fever and upset tummy. And thr Pain Potion actually knocked out one of Jon's headaches a few weeks ago!

There are so many great products....from detox, to pain potion, to sinus saver, to the cough syrup. I trust the ingredients AND the company, and I wanted to share because they are having an Earth Day Sale that ends tomorrow. You can click this link to shop...& be sure to use code EARTHDAY and enter my name [Danielle Butler] at checkout. (Free shipping on orders over $50!!)

Let me know which products you try!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I just ordered a bunch of stuff from earthly! Do you use any of the multivitamins? I ordered the nourish her naturally and the postpartum one. Just wondering if you've tried/liked them.