Thursday, December 19, 2019

Last Day to Save $200 on Berkey Water Filter

When I'm helping people clean up there home and lifestyle, the very first investment I encourage them to make is CLEANING UP the water! This is one of the very FIRST things I did for our family and is also what I would recommend to others. We all know drinking lots of water is crucial for optimal health, but it really needs to be clean water. Municipal water has so many things in it you do NOT want to be consuming- from heavy metals, to fluoride, to birth control, Benadryl, & even Prozac. (Yep, most pharmaceuticals people are consuming and peeing out/ flushing are coming back into our water supply & even soil.) We have a whole house water filtration system (which for me is 100% worth the investment considering I soak/rinse my produce, wash dishes, bathe my kids, etc. in the water, but it's also a few thousand dollars) so a Berkey is an extremely AFFORDABLE option for drinking water. We've had ours for over 5 years and absolutely love it! It's one of the BEST & you can really taste the difference, and right now they are having the biggest sale that I've ever seen. There is a $200 savings plus tons of extras on the Royal Berkey (which I recommend for families so you don't have to constantly refill it) & over $180 on travel Berkey system. **The holiday sale ends tonight. I personally think this would make an excellent Christmas gift for the whole fam!

Your water really, really MATTERS, especially when trying to conceive!! It is critical to stay well hydrated, but unfortunately if you’re not consuming clean water, it can be doing almost as much harm as it is good. There is a local town where the fish are not even reproducing at the same rate because of all of the birth control in the water supply. If it’s affecting fish at that level, what do you think it’s doing to us?

Check this out:
Tap Water Toxicity

**This also means being cautious with bottled water. I only choose this option when there is nothing else available, but typically I bring our own water from home with us everywhere we go. Looking into adding a travel Berkey, especially since they have a $180 savings right now!! 

If you DO have to buy a bottle, I prefer Fiji or San Pellegrino.
Bottled Water Risks

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