Monday, December 9, 2019

Emmie Kate's Newborn Photos

We took our sweet girl's newborn photos when she was 10 days old.

Brittany always does such a great job with the babies...she has a gift! We call her the baby whisperer, and I love that she has been able to capture all of our sweet Butler babies!

It is a LOT of work & feels stressful trying to get everyone ready, but it's always SO worth it and I always cherish these photos. I didn't have time to get the boys anything to wear since two of them just had major growth spurts, so I just let them wear their big bro shirts.

The newborn shoots usually take a few hours because you have to nurse the baby, etc. to get them to sleep. Jonathan was ready to go after about an hour & a half, so I didn't get quite as many of just EK as I wanted (since we did all the family pics first), but the ones we did get were so precious!

So thankful for these sweet babies!






Thank you, Lord, for this sweet girl!!

And here is her birth announcement...

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