Saturday, November 23, 2019

What I Packed in my Hospital Bag

Just welcomed our 4th sweet Butler babe into the world, so I should pretty much be an expert now, right? Welllll, turns out I'm still not...but I can at least share my experiences with expecting mamas-to-be. I always think, "Oh I don't have to write this down, I'll remember." Mom tip: Don't fall for it. Ha! So, in case I can talk Jonathan into just one more ;) I'll have this to refer back to next time.
This is the blog post I wrote after having one of the boys with Tips for Packing for the Hospital. I couldn't find it when I was searching my blog, so at about 36 weeks I started making a list in the notes section on my phone of all the things I wanted to pack. My babies don't like to come till after their due date, but I recommend packing at at least around 37ish weeks just in case. (You can pack the snacks/toiletries last minute, but have the other stuff ready to go.) I included links for some of the items. :)

For baby:
  • clean coming home outfit
  • maybe 1-2 other outfits (gowns are the easiest)
  • socks
  • mittens
  • hat
  • Boppy
  • car seat (but you can leave it in the car till it's almost time to leave the hospital) with car seat cover & blanket
  • They have all the diapers, wipes, etc. so you don't need to bring any of that

For Mama:
  • nursing bra/tank
  • robe
  • comfy pants & clothes to wear home (either loose/elastic. i remember being surprised my belly wasn't all the way gone after i had my first! lol! i was like, uhhhh, nobody told me I'd still look pregnant? Hint: you'll still look pregnant. ;) It takes a few days (or longer) for your belly to go down.
  • abdominal binder (highly recommend wearing both night & day for around 6 weeks post-partum...for both c-section mamas AND vaginal deliveries)
  • socks, shoes, slippers & flip flops for the shower (the hospital gave me non-slip socks, so I just mostly wore those and threw them away when i was done. I'd recommend washing shoes and not wearing shoes in the house when you get home. Do you know the types things on hospital floors? You don't want to bring that home!
  • I had my own hospital gown but that's not a must- have. :) 
  • Toiletries you'd normally take when going out of town (face wash, lotion, chapstick, face wipes, toothbrush/toothpaste, floss, deodorant, HAIR TIE, hairbrush)
  • makeup (I mostly wear Beauty Counter & some Bare Minerals)
  • pre-natal vitamins/supplements 
  • snack bag (Clif bars, Lenny & Larry cookies sugar free gum & candy, Paleo Valley beef sticks, homemade healthy muffins, nuts/seed mix, apples/bananas/oranges, shakes/shaker cup if you want) - By the way...Clif bars are WAY cheaper on Thrive Market! I love them as a snack for when I'm nursing! I'm pretty sure you can try it FREE for a month & can save 25% off first order (+ free shipping on your first order over $25)
  • Hydrate (or your fave electrolyte drink, but get one without all the crap in it) & drink as soon as possible after delivery. (I sip on it during labor too.)
  • water pitcher and empty stainless steel water bottles to refill (I'm a water snob & really avoid tap water whenever I can. Just brought a little Brita pitcher & kept refilling it.)
  • goody bags for nurses/doctors

  • fully charged camera
  • gift bags for older siblings
  • phone chargers with long cord
  • fave playlist & optional blue tooth speaker. I cranked some praise/worship during every delivery. **Fave Pandora stations: Chain Breaker Radio, Hillsong Worship Radio, Hymns 4 Worship Radio, Elevation Worship Radio, Lauren Daigle Radio, 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord) Radio
  • herbal tea (Pink Stork recovery, 3rd/4th trimester, Sleep) and post-natal herbs (if you're avoiding meds- the After Ease and Sleepy Nights from Wish Garden are a MUST) Side note: My friend Katie told me about both of those herbal remedies. When she was telling me about them, she said "you remember how AWFUL the after birth pains are while you're nursing, right? And how sometimes you can't fall asleep even though you're so tired?" And I nodded, but didn't actually remember. Wellllll, I TOTALLY know what she's talking about now! Not sure if I just didn't remember before or if it was worse this time, but I was so thankful to have them in my arsenal. I didn't take any meds at all (like not even one Motrin), so I'd definitely check with a doc if you are taking any medication,
  • pillows from home
  • a book for people to sign for the baby or your door sign (a family member can bring those in later)
  • cash/quarters for vending machines/food
  • wallet (you'll both need your ID, insurance card, etc.)
  • text/call list (everyone you want to contact when you're heading to the hospital and after baby is born)
  • They will provide nipple cream, nursing pads, & soap to wash the babies, but if you want to bring your own...I recommend Poofy Organics. This is the nipple cream & here is the baby soap. (Although I really wish I would have waited on the bath.) 
**Don't forget to take notes in your phone about the labor/delivery so you can write out your birth story as soon as possible (if you want to..I think the kiddos would like to read it someday, plus, it's always fun to go back and read later!). There are so many details you think you'll never forget...and... then you forget! Bahaha! Type it out in the notes section of your phone or bring a journal.

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