Friday, November 22, 2019

First Month Home with Emmie Kate

Well, this post started out as a "First Week Home" post and turned into my "First Month Hone" post because, well, #momlife.

And also because #momlife & the fact that I would randomly come type for a few minutes during the last 5 weeks, it is super scattered and pretty much all over the place.

We were SO THANKFUL to come HOME!!

I feel like I may be more of a homebirth kind of gal, but unfortunately that's off the table since I'm VBAC. Actually, it would be ideal for me to have the baby AT the hospital (I like being able to monitor baby and having access to emergency care if needed) and then come home immediately after for recovery. Too bad that's not an option, right?

We took EK to the pediatrician at 2 days old to check her numbers for jaundice. Jonathan had to install a closet that day at Lake Oconee so my mom came to my house that morning to come with me. She was late getting to my house and I had a little bit of a meltdown because we were late to the appointment. (I have been late to 75% of everything in my life, so clearly it's just that I was sleep deprived.) I apologized to her later. I definitely couldn't have done it without her! (Lesson NOT make early appointments when trying to get yourself and 4 kids, including a newborn, ready by yourself when you're 2 days post-partum and have only slept for 5 hours in the last 3 days. And yes, 10:30 am is "early.") Mom sat in the car with the boys and I took EK in. (I know I shouldn't have carried her carrier but didn't have my wrap with me to wear her.) They didn't end up doing a screening for the jaundice (which was our whole reason for coming in anyway), but told me they wanted us to come again 3 days later for another weight check. I was a little bit annoyed because she was only down to 7.4 (birth weight was 7.10) and my milk hadn't even come in yet. I prefer to stay out of the doctor's office as much as possible with all of the nasty exposure to germs & viruses, but of course I followed directions and scheduled it anyway. I did like the pediatrician though! Ours moved out of state last year, so I had to find a new one for the boys and it is an hour away. I couldn't handle driving that far as often as you have to go in the early days, so I decided to find one closer. I may transfer the boys...still undecided. I like them both.
My milk ended up coming in the Friday night after she was born. She was born Wednesday at 4:02 am, so a little under 48 hours. When I brought her back in for her checkup on Monday morning, she was back above birth weight.

Emmie Kate's "belly button cord" (as the boys called it) fell off on day 9. I gave her her first real bath in the sink in our bathroom at 10 days old. She seemed to like it. All of the boys were so concerned about her belly button and wanted to make sure it wasn't hurting her.

She's had very strong neck/head control (from day 1). She started turning her head side to side (while on her tummy) within the first few days.

Our first time at church was Sunday 11/3 (3 weeks old). She did great. Jonathan dropped us off at the door to go park, so I wore her and walked all the kids to their class. I left for the nursing room about halfway through the service. Other than her crying in the car on the way there, it was super smooth! (I think she just needed to burp. As soon as I got her out she let out a big burp. Jon complained the whole way there though & said he thought it was too early to be going to church.)

Speaking of car seat crying...she cried in car seat about 75% of time for the first 3.5 weeks. That's a part of why I didn't want to go anywhere. ;) Thankfully she stopped that at about a month old. Whoever was standing in agreement with us in prayer over that, we THANK YOU. (I want to laugh, but I'm actually serious. And if you've ever had a "car seat cryer" you feel me on all levels of this. Ha!)

She rolled over at almost 4 weeks! I put her down on her tummy and she rolled right over to her back, 3 times in a row.

I took 2 Colace in the hospital, & I know they helped because my first two bowel movements at home after having her were fine. I probably should have kept taking it though. And by probably, I mean definitely. (You forget about that part.) I had a few random gas pains that were pretty intense. It happened one time in front of Jon and he kept talking to me during it asking what was wrong...I had a flashback to labor/contractions. Lol! Later I told him if I look like I'm in a lot of pain, I know the temptation is strong and it's natural to want to ask what's wrong and if I'm okay, but to PLEASE try to resist the urge.

EK puked 3 different times in the first few weeks. She hasn't spit up at all. Those were all 3 bigger pukes and each time it was because I didn't burp her. I would just forget, keep feeding even she would be a little fussy, and sure enough a big vomit. Note to self: burp the baby. Be patient enough to not continue feeding until she burps. (Hasn't happened since I wrote that "note to self" a couple weeks to go, so sometimes those "notes to self" actually work.)

Sister likes to be held ALL the time. And I would LOVE if I could just lay around all day and hold her. If you're a first time mom, hear me...everything else can wait!! Just lay around all day and hold that baby! BUT, I'm not in that season so sometimes she has to fuss in her little bouncie chair for a few minutes while I finish doing dishes, cooking, or wiping someone else's booty.

We have had some BEAUTIFUL weather and we've been enjoying that. Finally had a cold front hit in the last week or so.

The boys...I am just in awe. I prayed that they would all have a sweet bond with the baby, but it has been UNREAL to watch how sweet they all three have been with her. I honestly didn't know what to expect because anytime anyone asked them if they were excited about a sister while I was pregnant, they all said no. But...It has been beyond my expectations and melts my heart! They all three dote over her, constantly want to talk to her and kiss her on the head. They talk so sweetly to her, pretend to read to her, sing to her, etc. Jase has been especially helpful & I am SO grateful. I know all of our transitions have been a lot on them, but God has been so faithful. They are such AMAZING boys and I am so, so proud of them and so thankful for the Lord showing up in this particular area.

If you want to love on a new mama, take her a meal! I am so, SO grateful for our friends/family who have brought meals!! I know people are probably intimidated because they think we eat healthy & don't know what to bring, but it's pretty much a free for all during this time. We've eaten pizza 3-4 times!

**Meals: HUGE shout out to my parents, Brian & Laura (special thanks for doing crafts with the boys!), Papa & Jimmy, Dwight & Sue, Megan, Stephanie & Girls, Chelsi (sent me 8 freezer meals, all homemade from scratch! Plus a huge box of meat that came at the PERFECT time), Candice (for all the food & goodies), & Heather! My friend Katie also sent us a gift card for Pete's Paleo and that was a brilliant ideaa!

**1 month update! EK just turned a month old! She had her 1 month checkup and smiled and cooed at the doctor the whole time! It was ADORABLE!! Everything looked perfect and we are thankful for our healthy girl. 9 lbs & 9.5 oz and has grown 1/4". She jumped up on the growth chart. She has slept great for me (so thankful!) and quit crying in the car seat- HALLELUJAH!! Rolling over, smiling, cooing, and a little more content in her bouncie seat. Boys are still super, super sweet with her and it's very obvious she recognizes them/their voice.

Post-partum ramblings: 

I took After Ease for one whole week because the after birth pains while nursing were BRUTAL. I couldn't remember how long this lasted and don't remember it being so bad with the boys. It was a full week and then went away almost overnight. I was so thankful when they stopped! I would say the pain was equivalent to that of a contraction.

LOVING the Pink Story 3rd/4th trimester tea! And their lactation cookie mix tastes SO good!

My lower back was KILLING me the first few days home. I thought that pain would go away instantly after having the baby, but it took some time. I went to the chiropractor twice for adjustments. The first time after birth I was pretty jacked up and had a good bit of inflammation. I am trying to get in at least weekly for the first few weeks post-partum because everything is still loose from that relaxin hormone, but begins tightening back up as that goes away. That happens within 4-6 weeks after birth, so ideally you want everything in proper alignment as it goes back.

It took until about day 13-14 for the nipple pain to go away. The first 2 weeks was pretty brutal. I would cringe every time she would latch and Jase would ask "is it labor?" They would count down when she was about to latch and say "3-2-1-BITE!" Hahha!! When we were taking out newborn pictures, Kade told our photographer "watch out, she's gonna bite your milkies!" My mom thought that was HYSTERICAL!

I feel pretty good. This has been a very different season for us than I anticipated or what I was planning in my head when we decided it was time to try for a 4th. Our kitchen remodel upstairs isn't done yet, so I have slept in the basement and mostly stay down here (since this is where the kitchen is). I've tried to limit stairs to 6x/day or less and really wish I wasn't going up & down them at all, but that's just not possible. I'm the one laying Beau down for naps, getting the boys ready for the day and for bed, doing their bedtime routine, etc. Physically though I feel good. I feel like this is the fastest my body has ever bounced back. (Not like bikini ready or anything...I just mean the way I feel.) Like night sweats...only lasted about a week and wasn't that bad. (I remember waking up being DRENCHED after the boys.

I have really wanted to stay home and not go anywhere, which has been very surprising to me. Normally I'm on the go a good bit getting the boys to music, going to church/Bible study, going to co-op, gym, grocery store, running errands, etc., but I.don' right now (even when I do have help). I've had to anyway each week for school and music, and took them on one field trip and to newborn pictures. (I hardly ever do family pics- only for Christmas cards because it's more stressful than anything, but I really wanted newborn pics.) Obviously I haven't been going to the gym, I've been ordering groceries online for pickup (which I still don't LOVE). I've been skipping Bible study because it's definitely the most overwhelming. It's almost a 40 minute drive each way, starts early, and all of my kiddos are on different floors of different buildings for their class. I'm just not up for that yet. I REALLY hate to miss it because I love, love, LOVE BSF, and I feel like the boys get as much out of it as I do. I may attempt it next week, but thankfully I'm still getting the lessons and you can listen to lectures online. SO...I'm only going the places I absolutely have to.
Jon has been working every day, and the days he is here he is doing things around the house to work on the remodel stuff, so I've been pretty much solo for the last 3 weeks. (I am thankful for my mom and sister for coming to help a few days & for meeting me at music each week! Shout out to my parents for coming to let me take a nap one day too.) I'm so thankful for his hard work, but it has been tough on both of us. I've prayed God would help me have a supernatural, speedy recovery & for my body to heal super quickly because I don't have any choice other than to bounce back. I remember feeling like the transition from from 1-2 and 2-3 kiddos was a breeze, but this has DEFINITELY been the toughest transition without Jon's help. He is always so hands on with the kiddos and helping around the house, so not having extra set of hands (when I need it more than ever) has stunk.

I think the hardest part is that she wants to be held all the time, and honestly I just want to hold her all the time, but I can't since there is so much that has to be done. Makes me sad- especially if this ends up being my last baby. (For the record, I don't think it is.) I know everyone likes to say "it can wait," and while that is a nice sentiment (and true for first time, maybe even second time mamas), the reality is we have to have clean clothes to wear, we have to eat food, & I live with a lotta dudes so I have to clean toilets ;). Jon has always been crazy helpful with all this type of stuff, but he doesn't have any extra time to be able to help right now. I'm trying to stay on top of everything with the house (laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc.) & homeschool/music because I feel way more overwhelmed when I get behind. There are some areas I've let fall behind..I am behind in our school work, my Bible study, and haven't done much with our business the last few weeks even though I've really needed to (& Jon wants me to).

I have been cooking all of our meals at so home though in between people bringing us meals & we've really enjoyed that. (I got lazy towards the end of my pregnancy and we were eating out waaaay too much. It's so nice to eat a home-cooked meal!)

I also feel MUCH more like myself now, minus this ridiculous cold. I have just been overdoing it & not getting enough sleep (my hormones, not her), so I am run down. I felt so bad one night I thought about going to the ER & worried I might have had the flu. I've been doing my breastfeeding safe natural remedies and thankfully feel MUCH better today. Praying EK doesn't get any of this cough and thanking the Lord she seems fine so far.

She is sleeping great (praise the Lord!), but unfortunately I am not. I'm having a really hard time going to sleep or falling back asleep if I nurse her in the middle of the night. I also cannot fall asleep if I try to take a nap (the 1-2 times I've tried....napping isn't really an option right now). I'm sure it's hormonal, but man it's annoying.

I am LOVING seeing the bond that Emmie Kate has with Jonathan!! SO SO sweet!!! I know it seems early, but the adore each other already and it's PRECIOUS!! He was the first person she smiled for, and she lights up every time he talks to her and holds her. He is so sweet with her too and I could just watch them together all day.

Thank you, Lord, for our sweet girl and the BLESSING she is!! God knew our hearts needed her, and I love the new dynamic she is bringing to our family. Even though this season has had it's challenges (I just want to be transparent and remember everything, so that's why I put it all out there), we are overwhelmingly GRATEFUL.God is so good, so faithful, and we are thankful for the precious gift of Emmie Kate! It's been a wild, fun, crazy, exhausting, overwhelming, sweet, blessed first month.

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