Friday, November 29, 2019

Black Friday Faves

I have come across some GREAT Black Friday deals this year!I've been passing them all along in my Healthy Mamas/Healthy Kiddos Hacks FB group.

But, wanted to share a few of my faves here too!

***Thrive Market - GREAT savings on lots of our favorite grocery/pantry staples (that are already way cheaper than the grocery store!)! I wrote a blog post all about Thrive Market here.

***Berkey- Drinking filtered water is one of the VERY first recommendations I have for someone looking to clean up their lifestyle. This is the BEST & most affordable option I've found. We've had a Berkey for at least 5 years or so and we love it! Click the picture below or here to order!

***IDLife- SO many awesome deals from IDLife today! The biggest savings is definitely the DNA kit...$100 off! That is huge! This is also what we use for our personal/customized vitamins, shakes, hydration, energy, & our kids probiotics and multi.

***MaryRuths- I like the olive oil & liquid vitamin D3 since it has K2!

***Poofy Organics- 15% off everything (you don't need a code!) & FREE shipping over $45. These are some of my fave personal care & home cleaning products.  Here is a blog post I wrote about it.

There are a few more fun things I've come across, so I'll be sure to get them posted ASAP...but this is a great starting place. What's the best Black Friday deal you've seen??

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