Saturday, October 12, 2019

Baby Butler #4 is 40 Weeks!!

Update: I had a checkup on Friday 10/4 when I was 39 weeks. My blood pressure was great, heart beat was strong, she was measuring right on & moving well. I was 2 cm, 60%, & a -3 station. She swept my membranes (which wasn't as painful as I was anticipating) to try to stir up some action. We went to a birthday party that afternoon & the boys had a blast. 
Spent the next week doing all the normal things with the boys (BSF, music, church), finalizing things around the house, & praying for contractions. I ran some stairs & took an afternoon nap most days. 

No action really though. We didn't schedule my 40 week, so I had to call to book that. I went on 10/11 for my 40 week. Everything still looked/sounded great. Measuring right on. This time I was 3 cm (I had a couple of contractions the night before but nothing too serious) & still 60%. She swept my membranes again and I did lots of walking. (Definitely the most action I feel, but my back gets tired and I really want to sit.) 
My parents took the boys to the movies yesterday and let them spend the night last night so I could get a good night's sleep. Jonathan and I enjoyed a fun date night at our favorite restaurant on the square, & I slept for a full 7 hours last night without getting up till 5.

They went ahead and set my next appointment for next Friday (when I'll be 41 weeks) and set an induction for the following Monday (10/21...holy moly, does that not seem like forever away?). They haven't done any ultrasounds or monitoring or anything this time- I feel like I had way more of that with Beau. I'm thankful though. I know they'll do all of that if I make it to the next appointment.

My mom's birthday is 10/15 and Jonathan's is 10/17. Everyone kept joking when we first found out I was pregnant I could have her on one of their birthdays and I was like "yea right, there's no way I'll go past my due date again." But here we are! Hahhaa! I seriously cannot believe it. (I say that every single time I'm pregnant. Jase was 40+1, Kade 40+2. Beau 41+3. Anyone noticing a trend here??)

I am not uncomfortable or anything, but I am really praying she comes on her own. I really, really do not want to be induced (ever) again. I don't plan to labor at home as long this time once active labor begins because I feel like it will go quickly. (Then again, my "gut feelings" haven't exactly been spot on so who even knows.) If I could pick an ideal time, it'd be during the day so I could get the boys somewhere without having to wake anyone up in the middle of the night to come stay with them. But at this point, I'm not picky.

We are all VERY ready to meet her! Jase is starting to ask lots of questions and is way more interested in her. He is also anxious for me to sign him up for some 5Ks and really wants me to be able to run with him again. Kade has been extra loving with me too. If anyone asks, they say they aren't excited about a girl, but I can't WAIT to see them with her. I love hearing them talk about her and try to help us name her sister. (Jon said a big fat NO. Me and the boys both want another baby though. Jase wants to name her Elizabeth.)
I reread my birth stories from the boys. God is so good! I've had 3 completely different labor/delivery experiences, so I sorta feel like that makes me the ideal patient, right? I mean, I know that every labor is different and am open for whatever it takes to get her here safely. Ideally I want another natural, vaginal birth. I definitely want to avoid anesthesia if I can until I can do more research (after learning anesthesia can affect you differently if you have the MTHFR gene mutation, which I do.) My easiest recovery was after Beau.

Here are my birth stories with the boys. I'm so grateful I typed them out because there are SO many details I definitely would have forgotten!
Meeting Jase
Meeting Kade
Meeting Beau

My Symptoms: I can't think of anything. I feel good. Very thankful for a healthy pregnancy. (After I typed that, I remembered...holy moody! I feel way more easily irritated than normal, so I'm just keeping my mouth shut & ask the Lord to fill me with JOY, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, & self-control.)

Maternity Clothes: Temps dropped this week and I wore some of my favorite maternity jeans. It's cool in the mornings and evenings but still hot during the day. Feels SO good outside! Mostly wearing leggings & t-shirts, & then dresses to church on Wed & Sunday.

Movement: Sometimes I forget & think "uh oh, have I felt her move?" But when I pay attention, she's moving plenty. She definitely moves the most at night time. I'm hoping that isn't an indication of how it'll be after she's born...

Sleep: I've been taking naps the last few days (when I can) because I wake up at 3:15 every morning to pee, and then wake up at 5ish for the day. I'm normally a 7:30ish (or later) kinda gal, & I personally think waking up that early is for the birds! Ha!! Sleeping okay.

Cravings: Popsicles. And anything sweet. Definitely been feeling more hungry lately.

Supplements: Still taking & LOVING IDLife.

Nutrition: I've slacked up a little these last couple weeks. Definitely need to tighten up. Eating more junk than I normally would (because when someone brings you donut minis or a Chik-Fil-A biscuit, you eat it, right?). 

Work Outs: Mostly walking. I did take a body pump class last week and did some body weight squats and upper body stuff yesterday, but mostly walking. That's when I feel the most "action."

Goals for next week: Have a baby!!! Been meaning to ask how long they'll let the cord pulse before cutting it but I keep forgetting. Hopefully I get to find out live and in person before I get a chance to ask at another appointment.

Sibling Comparisons:
40 Weeks with Jase
40 Weeks with Kade
40 Weeks with Beau

What I’m praying about: Still praying I go into labor on my own, make it to the hospital in plenty of time, and we have a God-ordained staff of medical professionals who have the wisdom and minds of Christ. Praying it's quick (but not too quick) and we have a perfectly healthy baby and mama. Praying for a natural birth free of any interventions, and that I will be Christlike to everyone I come into contact with.

Praise Report: A couple weeks ago Jonathan and I were driving after church to his uncle's funeral where he was going to be a pall bearer. We were in the left lane and came over the top of a hill where traffic was dead stopped. He locked it up (as did all the cars in front of him and behind him) and looked to see if he could get over to avoid rear ending the guy in front of him or getting rear ended by the guy behind us. Unfortunately there were cars coming in the right lane so we couldn't get over to the right, and to the left was a median and two lanes of traffic coming from the opposite direction. We just sat there like sitting ducks and I was praying the cars behind us weren't going to hit us. You could hear tires squealing all over the place. The three cars in front of us all hit one another. The four cars behind us all hit one another. We saw pieces of vehicles flying everywhere, and it was one of the times in my life I can remember almost VISIBLY see the hand of God putting a hedge of protection around us. No one was severely injured thankfully, & I know it stunk for everyone involved, but it would have been a way bigger deal for us. We would have had to replace 4 car seats, and I probably would have had to go by ambulance to the hospital immediately. Car wrecks are always scary, but at 39 weeks, you reallly do not want to be in a wreck. I am so incredibly thankful for the Lord's hand of protection on us that day and wanted to give him praise by sharing that testimony. He is faithful!

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