Saturday, September 28, 2019

More than Enough

Ever felt God speaking to you through something seemingly ordinary? The other day I was at the store & saw these oil lamps & and all the extra bottles of lamp oil lining the shelves. It reminded me of the parable of ten virgins in Matthew 25.

Image may contain: drinkImage may contain: drink

The parable teaches us that none of us know the day or the hour when Christ will return, so we must all be ready & prepared. 5 of the virgins (false believers) were not prepared and missed out on the bridegroom & the celebration. The other 5 virgins (born again believers) were prepared with extra oil, like that picture on the left, but only had “just enough.” There wasn’t any “extra” to share with the others who were asking for some of what they had.

Walking down the aisle of the store, I saw that first picture & how there is “just enough” lamp oil. But if you look on those shelves though, you’ll see there is access to SO MUCH MORE. What true believers...we were so focused on seeking the Lord and asking to be filled with the Holy Spirit that we are not only prepared for ourselves, but have an ABUNDANCE and OVERFLOW to be able to share with others?? (Of course one person’s faith can never save another, but we can share the Gospel message and our own testimony of his saving power with them.)

That’s what I believe the oil in the parable is referring to...the Holy Spirit. The boys & I are studying Acts & Letters of the Apostles this year in BSF, & their first week’s lesson reminded us that when the Holy Spirit comes to live in a person, he lives there forever and he never goes away. But, when people who believe in Jesus choose to sin, they lose the power of the Holy Spirit. Thankfully, when we confess sin and ask for his help, the Holy Spirit fills us again with his power. The Holy Spirit can fill us up AGAIN and AGAIN, and it is Jesus that gives us power to live for him. Sometimes, we just need more “oil.” More of the Holy Spirit. A refilling. And it’s as simple as asking God for it.

There have been seasons in my life when I wasn’t prepared.

There have been seasons in my life when I have had “just enough” to get myself by.

But, if you’ve ever experienced a season of overflow, of abundance, and of MORE THAN ENOUGH to share, you know that it is by far the sweetest of all the seasons.

Tonight, I’m praying if you don’t know the Lord personally as your Savior, that you make the best decision of your life to surrender & begin pursuing him. He will meet you wherever you are & cleanse and restore you. No matter your past or current circumstances. You don’t have to “get right” or get cleaned up before coming to the Lord. He loves you and desires for you to come just as you are.

Tonight, I’m praying if you’re in a season of “just enough,” or if you’re in a place where sin has quenched the Holy Spirit’s power in your life, that you’re able to confess & turn from it. That you draw near to Him because thankfully he promises to draw near to you when you do. That you asked to be filled AGAIN.

And tonight, I’m praying if you’re in a season of overflow, that he gives you a supernatural boldness to share what this lost & dying world so desperately needs...& what we have the remedy for. The oil. A loving Savior.

Because no one knows the day or the hour...& there is nothing more important than being prepared for the bridegroom’s return.

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