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Baby Butler #4 is 38 Weeks!!

Update: I’ve been meaning to update the blog every week since week 27, but by the time I get everybody in bed, I am SO.UNBELIEVABLY.TIRED. Sometimes I still have things I have to do after I get them in bed so I don’t always get to go right to sleep, but unfortunately blogging has been the thing I put off. (I really want to start blogging more again.)
We had a major life change happen in May that resulted in Jonathan going back to work, & at night time after dinner he does stuff for his closet business. That means I handle the boys pretty much solo all day every day, including bedtime. I am choosing a perspective of gratitude though, and truly I am SO grateful for it…for all of it. For our 3 healthy boys, for this sweet baby I’m growing, & for a ridiculously hard working hubby.
And even for the big life change (with our business), because while it was unexpected, it was definitely an answered prayer in many capacities.

But whew! It is exhausting on a pregnant mama!!

I had a chemical pregnancy in November (can’t remember if I ever posted about that) & it always throws me when the nurse comes in and they say “so 5 pregnancies, right?” God just gave me such a peace about it that it didn’t even feel like I was ever really pregnant. I got a Rhogham shot when that happened since I’m RH-, so we tested antibodies again to see if I’d have to get another (I really didn’t want another). Unfortunately I didn’t still have any so I had to get another one at one of my checkups. I had all three of the boys with me, so they had to witness me getting a shot in the booty. They all thought it was funny, but MAN, that shot hurts & leaves a bruise for weeks.

I chose to skip out on the drink for gestational diabetes testing and opted for my own way of getting the 50 g of sugar. It was actually NOT easy. (I drank some organic juice & ate some non-GMO, no artificial colors candy.) Thankfully I passed with flying colors.

Week 36 I had GBS test (which was negative, praise the Lord) & again, had the boys with me at my appointment. I just had them all stand by my head while she did it & none of them thought anything of it. Everyone is always so sweet with the boys! Beau (who is not normally a clingy kid at all) wants to sit RIGHT with me on while I’m at the doctor, & they always let him.  I have started weekly check ups since week 36 & thankfully everything looks good. I’ve been trying to meet all of the practitioners so I’m seeing someone different almost every time. The appointments are always short & sweet. They check my blood pressure. It’s always good, usually a little low…last 2 appointments my systolic has been a little higher than normal for me but still below 120, but my diastolic is always in the 60s. They check her heart (always sounds good), & then measure my fundal height. Two of the weeks I was measuring a little behind, but every other time I’ve measured right on. I’ve opted not to be checked, but probably will at our next appointment because I’ll be 39 weeks.
I actually have 39 weeks in my head as when I’ll deliver. Not sure if there is anything to that, but I guess we’ll find out soon enough! I am praying I don't go over and have to be induced again, but I’d also really love for her to stay in long enough for Jonathan to get our kitchen reno finished so i don’t have to go up and down stairs after I have the baby. (I’ve read a lot more about 4th trimester & post-partum healing, and I want to avoid stairs as much as possible to give my body time to recover and protect my pelvic floor.) Thankfully Jonathan has been working pretty much day & night to get everything done. He has SO much on his plate right now & I know it feels like a lot of pressure & probably very overwhelming. Incredibly grateful for him!!
As I've been meeting new doctors/midwives, I've made sure to tell them that I’ve experienced a good bit of variety in birthing…from a c-section because of a swollen cervical lip, to a comletely natural VBAC where I mostly labored at home, & then induction with epidural for vaginal birth (11 days overdue). I realize that as much as I would like to “be in control,” they are all different and my ultimate goal is healthy baby & mama! I've gotta be a dream patient, right? Lol! Ideally, I prefer natural/vaginal. I am believing she is going to come quick (but not too fast) and have been praying for wisdom about when to get to the hospital. I definitely want to be there in plenty of time! I also am praying my water stays in tact until it’s time (contractions are way more manageable). I have really considered a doula this time. Jonathan said me having Beau was SO stressful for him (the cord around his neck, the decels, etc.). I did ask my mom if she wants to come in this time and if my friend Erin is around, I would love for her to come in too.

Our girl is in position! I’ve gone twice for an abdominal massage with a certified nurse midwife who is licensed in abdominal therapy. My friend Katie told me about it and I LOVE going!! I feel so much looser, like I can breathe better, etc. when I leave. It is very gentle and relaxing.

We had the sweetest shower. SO thankful for the best friends and family for loving on us & for Laura and my mom for hosting! (THANK you to everyone who came! Love you all so very much!!)
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FINALLY decided how to spell her name. I wanted to order thank you cards for our nurse/doctor gifts, so I just made an executive decision. Literally, the NEXT day Jonathan said “ya know, we should just spell it _______” (& it was the opposite of what I’d just ordered, of course!). Hahha! We decided to just stick with what I chose though. I still like it both ways & would have been happy either way.

We did go out of town on a couple times to travel for business and went on two little getaways- to Greenville, SC & then to Isle of Palms. Both were so fun & a much needed time to slow down and reconnect.
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My Symptoms: Well, I’ve had LOTS of different symptoms over the last few months! Ha! There have been a couple of times I would randomly get super nauseas and throw up. Completely out of the blue. Then feel fine and go about my day. I still have some serious business varicose veins but thankfully they aren’t too painful. The round ligament pain though? Woah! When that hits, it hits super sharp and takes forever to go away. I also still have some pain near my sacrum when I stand up after laying down or sitting too long, and I literally cannot move for about 30 seconds. I have been going regularly to our chiropractor (who is Webster certified) and that is the only thing that seems to help.

As far as weight gain, I feel like I gained really quickly during my second trimester, but haven’t really gained much during my last 6 weeks or so. I’ve gained around 26-27 lbs total I think. My belly has grown though and I am measuring right on! I am DEFINITELY carrying way different this time. No torpedo!! Sometimes I wonder if it’s because I’m wearing the belly band for support? It is SO helpful and a midwife friend I talked to said she highly recommends them. It is not restrictive in any way, but provides additional (much needed) support.
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Thankfully I haven’t had any swelling at all. There was one day when we were traveling and sat in meetings for several hours that I noticed some swelling in my feet & ankles, but it went down the next day & hasn’t happened again.
My nails feel a little more thin and brittle than normal, but my hair is still growing super fast.

Week 37 I REALLY started having some contractions at nighttime. So much so that we didn’t feel comfortable with Jonathan leaving to go out of town!! (Last Saturday night I thought “this is it! I better actually pack bags!”) Eventually they stopped. I have had a few random ones, and they are usually worse at night, but nothing consistent yet.

Was JUST about to post that this is the healthiest pregnancy I’ve ever had (I haven’t even had as much as a cold), and then of course a few days ago I got a little scratchy throat & some mucous. Thankfully it’s already gone though & I don’t even know if it was enough to consider a cold. Jase had a little flare up with a stuffy nose/cough that required a few treatments. Trying to help him get over that and be completely well before our girl gets here. I honestly think it’s just all the ragweed though. Have y’all ever read this about the third week in September being “peak week?” He had a flare up this exact time last year & the year before that too. Both of the other boys have been fine thankfully.

Maternity Clothes: Allllllll the dresses!!! They are so comfy, cute, non- restrictive, & help me stay cool. Jonathan LOVES them too.
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Movement: Sistah is definitely a mover! Love feeling her! We are to the point now that I can see her actual body parts.

Sleep: It’s hit or miss. I wake up a good bit to pee, and sometimes when i move weird while sleeping I get a leg cramp. If I wake up with a leg cramp, I can bet I’ll probably be up for a good 2.5-3 hours in the middle of the night. Thankfully it hasn’t been every night, but especially in the last few weeks I’ve felt the pregnancy insomnia kick in. I’ve been waking up most days around 5-5:30ish which is super early for me. I sleep on my left side & still love ALL the pillows. Most days I don’t get to nap, but I love when I do.

Cravings: No cravings really, but I have been REALLY enjoying any type of soup. (Even though it’s still 90+ outside!)

Supplements: Still taking & LOVING IDLife.
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Nutrition: I’m to the point where I get super full very quickly so I’m eating very small meals. I try to eat clean for the most part. Tons of fruit & lots of veggies. Not eating much meat but still try to do boiled eggs & shakes. I also have a treat almost daily. (Usually it’s a few pieces of dark chocolate, or sometimes I make cookies for the boys or we go occasionally for ice cream and out local creamery.)

Changed up my breakfast to this:
Chia Pudding

Also REALLY loving this tea:

Work Outs: Still working out. 3-4 days a week most weeks. Mostly lifting (light) weights & riding the bike for about 10-15 min. Taken a few body pump and yoga classes. Walking really seems to activate Braxton Hicks & sometimes some round ligament pain.
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Goals for next week: I really just need to pack a hospital bag.
Got an ab ball (thanks to my friend Brigette for letting me borrow hers!) & it’s SO much more comfortable to sit on. I also finally got around to making the the nurse/doctor gifts…

have all the boys “big bro” t-shirts,

have her coming home outfit & some other cute outfits ready,

busted out the car seat & pack n play, washed the car seat/Boppy cover, bought the boys some gifts from EK to open at the hospital (highly recommend this if you have other littles! something an older mom friend recommended to me that has been great. makes the others feel special and connected to new baby).

SO I’m pretty sure all that’s left to do now is pack my hospital bag! I have a list of everything I need typed out in my phone.

I am still not (nor have I ever been) miserable. Everyone made me think being very pregnant during a long, hot summer would be awful, but it hasn’t been at all. The midwife that I saw last week commented on how I haven’t swollen at all. I really do love & enjoy pregnancy. I know some of that is mindset too.
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I will say though, this is the most “ready” I have ever felt at this point. The last couple weeks I was pretty moody, easily irritated, and impatient. (The hormones in a girl pregnancy are very different.) Normally I’m very pleasant and patient during pregnancy, but I told Jon I think God is trying to teach me to be more compassionate & understanding. Because honestly, I always have and still do think it’s super annoying when pregnant women complain, are super miserable and “ready to get this baby out.” I haven’t had much tolerance when they are crazy emotional/hormonal and taking it out on others (because I’ve been on the receiving end of that & it’s not cool), but I will say I “get it” now more than I ever have. It’s still not an excuse and I’m working on self control. Jon jokes with me that I “go to church every day” but I’m like, well dude, I need it! I need Jesus!

I’m tired & moody, but I still want to be loving & kind to people around me, and I won’t use pregnancy as an “excuse” to act like a brat. So thank you to everyone who has been patient with me. (Mostly my family.)
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What I’m praying about: We are in such a great routine with homeschool right now & the boys are doing SO good! I’m praying we can find a “new normal” quickly. I’m praying everyone stays healthy through these crazy months. I’m praying for a natural, vaginal delivery (smooth & quick delivery, no complications) and quick/easy recovery for me. Praying she is perfectly healthy in every way and a good eater/sleeper with a calm and sweet demeanor. Praying all the boys adjust well to life with a little sister & all of our children have a strong bond and deep love for one another. Praying for the medical staff who will help us in welcoming her. Praying others will see the light of Jesus through me, even during labor & delivery, during our hospital stay, and the post-partum months. Praying For God’s PERFECT timing for her arrival and for me to make it to the hospital in plenty of time. Praying or nursing to go well. Praying for the Lord’s financial provision. Praying for parenting wisdom as we make all kinds of choices/decisions. And THANKING the Lord for a great pregnancy, for a blessed and abundant life, for the gift of children, for amazing friends and family who have loved and supported us so well, and for the incredible man that Jonathan is.
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