Friday, June 7, 2019

Baby Butler #4 is 22 Weeks

Keepin it classy with a bathroom selfie at Kroger. This was 20 weeks and the bump has DEFINITELY grown since then!

My Symptoms: I don’t think I posted in my last post, but in addition to some of the other really fun stuff I have going on (like varicose veins), I also have diastasis recti (which is why I carry like a torpedo) & an umbilical hernia. Thankfully it’s not terrible, but I’m wearing a wrap to help. It’s not too tight to make it restrictive, but definitely makes it WAY more comfortable. She said many times it goes away on its own after the baby is born, and I think it will this time too. If not, I’ll have to eventually have it surgically repaired.

Also, if I get up too fast or roll over too quickly, I have what I think is round ligament pain that is excruciating to the point I can barely move for like 30 seconds. It goes away quickly though and then I’m totally back to normal.

I know that all sounds really awful, but actually I feel GREAT! I am so thankful to have turned a corner and be feeling back to normal!

I also had my big ultrasound and everything looked perfect. DEF a girl! (Which we knew from the blood test.) It took a while to see all four chambers of the heart, but we finally got a picture. Measuring right on & my BP/weight was good. I was asking about trying a diff route to test for gestational diabetes (so I don’t have to do “the drink”) & they didn’t seem too thrilled, but I’m going to keep trying.

Maternity Clothes: I’ve mostly been wearing regular clothes, but I finally busted out some maternity dresses week 20. They were cute & way more comfy. It’s probably officially time to make the switch. I need some maternity jean shorts for summer! Most of my pregnancies have been through the winter, so I have plenty of pants but not a lot in the shorts department.

Movement: For sure! Ultrasound tech said she’s a little wiggle worm. I feel like I can maybe feel her from the outside, but it might just be my imagination.

Sleep: Well, I WAS sleeping a little better. Then a few nights I woke up at 3:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep for a couple hours. Wahhhh!!

We also had Vacation Bible School this past week, & even though it’s one of my favorite weeks of the year, there ain’t no tired like VBS tired! I would LOVE to take some naps, but Jon has been gone during the day so that hasn’t been an option.

Cravings: I forgot to mention that I craved dairy for a few weeks during my first trimester. I’m not much of a dairy person AT all (besides ice cream, of course), so I figured my body was telling me something. That went away around week 13 or so, but up until then it was lots of organic string cheese, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt and Greek whipped yogurt (legit tastes like cream cheese). Now I’m craving all the fruit. Mostly watermelon & oranges.

Supplements: Made a change to my supplements and I’m SUPER excited about it. I can’t wait to share with all of you soon. Still taking a multi, probiotic, omega 3, D3, folate, iron, & magnesium. Still doing bone broth protein + an unflavored collagen in the mornings. **Side note: If you have never been tested for MTHFR gene mutation, I want you to reach out to me ASAP. If you’re part of the 40%+ of the population who has this gene mutation, you do not want to take synthetic B vitamins or folic acid…you need the methylated versions (& FOLATE instead). Even if you don’t have it, it’s probably a good idea not to take synthetic vitamins. I’ve just started learning all about this since February and that’s why I’m making changes this go-round. I have found the BEST prenatal on the market.

Nutrition: Making sure I get plenty of good fats (avocados, eggs, avocado oil,coconut oil, Ghee, etc.). SUPER important for baby’s brain development! Back to eating plenty of salads & trying to eat an array of veggies. Sweet tooth seems to have eased up (at least a little anyway). I ate like crap last week with VBS though, & I can totally tell. My energy is extra zapped.
We did get to enjoy a few date nights at some farm-to-table restaurants with some DELICIOUS food though! Avocados, YellowFin, & Last Resort for the win!
Work Outs: We didn’t get to work out as much as I would have liked the past week and a half, but still trying to stay active. I definitely feel WAY better when I work out! My back doesn’t hurt as bad, I sleep better, and all the endorphins make me much more pleasant. Ha!

Best Pregnancy Moment This Week: This is probably way TMI, but whatever. It’s my blog! bwahaha! So, I will just say that Jonathan & I pretty much can’t keep our hands off each other, and if I wasn’t already pregnant…well, I’d definitely be now. **Sorry if you’re reading this mom.

Goals for next week: Drink more water! I’m on the struggle bus with water & can’t get my act together.

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