Friday, August 17, 2018

“What If” (The Haters Gonna Hate Edition)

6 1/2 years ago, when I first started posting about AdvoCare, a “friend’s” mom started looking up the worst things she could find on the Internet (hello, trolls) about it and sharing that on my personal page. I didn’t recognize it at the time, but this moment was definitely a “defining moment” and a fork in the road that could have gone one of a few different ways. Thankfully, I chose to be respectful, but ignore her and move forward. I’m not gonna lie…It actually really bothered me. Turns out this “friend” and her mom both hate direct sales and ended up eventually unfriending me completely. Both on social media and in real life. And that stung. In fact, took me a little while to get over that.

Now first of all, does that sound like more of a reflection on me, or on them?

But I can’t help but think today… “What if?” What if I had allowed that to sway me? To discourage me? To keep my from sharing? I know there are so many others who allowed the “well meaning advice” of someone deter them, and unfortunately there life isn’t where it could be as a result of that.

Our family is in the best health we have ever been in… Healthier at 34 and 33 (even after birthing 3 babies in 4 years) than we were at 24 and 23. We are in our fourth year of earning over six figures by helping others with the income opportunity, and we have helped multiple people on our team do the same thing. (And more.) We have helped families across America (all different parts of the country, many of whom I met through the blog!) achieve levels of success they never dreamed possible. We have helped people regain their energy and their confidence. Have the endurance and stamina to give their BEST to their family. To Improve their health. Their fitness, their performance, and their recovery. To have options for their family. To earn enough referral money to pay for their own products or have some wiggle room in each month to pay for gas, groceries, or the fun stuff. To pay off debt. Pay cash for weddings and Christmases & vacations. Have the extra income to support ministries and charities. (We know the BEST, most generous people ever, y’all!) We are better people today because of the mentors our company has brought into our life & the books we have been encouraged to read…We have bigger vision, are able to give tens of thousands of dollars more than we ever would have as a teacher and construction guy. We have been able to travel to places we never would have otherwise traveled. Met some of the most incredible friends! And we know the best is yet to come. This isn’t an all about us and look how awesome we are kind of post. If you know me, you know that’s not how we are. We are super REAL, kinda dorky, still wear some clothes from high school, live beneath our means, very down to earth people. In fact, Jonathan is one of the most humble people I’ve ever met & that’s part of what was so attractive to me when we first started dating back in 2006. But these products and the opportunity have changed our lives, and we aren’t quiet about sharing that and paying it forward in hopes others get to experience the same awesomeness.

SO…I am sharing this story with you today because I want you to know that there are going to be seemingly well meaning people in your life who are dream killers. They don’t mean any harm, and may even think they have your best interest at heart. But if you’re not careful, you can allow their voice and opinion to rob you of YOUR greater destiny. To steal your family’s better future.

I look at these people now and see that what felt like rejection was actually God‘s protection. (Can you highlight that and say that again for me, please?!? Sometimes God’s protection comes disguised as someone else’s rejection.) I fully believe He protected us from their negativity & had them choose to remove themselves from me because He knew I wouldn’t walk away. And with them there, we couldn’t walk out our calling.

Unfortunately, they don’t fit in that picture. And looking back now, the Lord has lifted the glory and revealed things to me about their character that I don’t want any part of in my life. They did not bring out the best version of me. I see very clearly how God strategically plucked them out of my life.

And want to know the coolest part?? The people that have been planted in our life since then… they are kingdom builders. They are wise, they speak life over us, encourage and stretch us, inspire us. When God closes one door, he opens another… And it’s usually far better. If you’ve got some “haters,” please...please...for the love of all things... do not let them have more thought Space or control over your life than they deserve. Do they have results that you want? If not, why would you ever listen to them? NEVER take advice from someone you wouldn’t trade places with.

The people who speak into your life need to earn that position based on their own fruits & results. It doesn’t matter that you’ve known them for 20 years. Make sure they have results in their life that you want before you allow them to have that authority over yours. If they’re not where you want to be… Physically, financially, with their relationships…don’t you dare allow them to dictate those things for you. You, your are worth more!!!

So back then, my “what if” was... “what if this DOES work? What if it CAN create options for our family? What if this IS our solution? What if we can do this?” And today, I’m standing here on the other side. Not where we want to be, but better than where we were. And examining the “What if I had listened to the naysayer” has me so full of gratitude that we didn’t.

::steps off soap box::

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