Sunday, August 19, 2018

“Bye Bye Belly” Challenge


I put a feeler out on FB & Insta, and welllll....looks like we have LOTS of folks interested in our "Bye Bye Belly" challenge! (We actually have several that have joined already!

Visceral fat (the fat around your midsection) is some of the most dangerous for our overall health & a problem area for lots of folks. There are countless studies supporting how belly fat increases our risk for MANY diseases & illnesses, particularly because it is so close to so many of our most important internal organs. While you can't necessarily spot target an area to lose weight, we have a simple product + eating plan that is flat out getting results and helping people lose body fat all over, and they are seeing their mid-section shrink as a result. This has been piloted & the results are seriously MIND blowing. People are trimming their waist & losing major inches...saying “bye bye belly.” (which improves all over health!)

If you want to know more, check out this FB group. I'm going live later in here to share alllll the deets: the why, the what, the price breakdown, what it includes, more info about the eating plan, etc.

Just request to join: One80 in 2018

We also have a drawing for a $200 cash giveaway for anyone who joins us by the 21st. Our group is kicking off on Sept 4th, but our FB is already live for those who have ordered and e-mailed in their confirmation! We are SO excited to coach the next group through this! Simple, affordable, and best of all…REAL RESULTS.

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