Monday, April 16, 2018

Cutting Down Our Christmas Tree

We’ve been in our rental house for 2 Christmases now, which means our tree and all of our decorations are packed up deep in a storage unit somewhere. I think?

Anyway, there is a local Christmas tree farm really close to our house. We cut one down last year and decided to do the same again this year. Jase especially LOVED it & loves being his daddy’s big helper!!

Beau is happy anywhere as long as he’s with us and being held.


And Kade…needed a nap.


Jonathan is a super manly man…& it was pretty hot watching him in his element. Beard + flannel + sawing down a tree. Ha!!


Really though, it has been a pretty special family outing the last two years, and I think we might keep this tradition alive even after we get settled in our house and actually find all of our stuff.

It was the most beautiful day, & we were grateful for the sunshine and the family fun.

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Anna L. Martin said...

Love all the happiness in these recent posts!
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