Sunday, April 15, 2018

Beau’s 1 Year Pictures

Logan came over to take our sweet Beau’s 1 year pics. My kids are so smiley and happy all the time, but y’all know how they get when we bust out the professional camera. It is game on. She did a beautiful job capturing our sweetheart even if he wasn’t the most cooperative. ;)

I ordered his little banner and outfit from Etsy for our “Wild One” theme. For his “smash cake” I added some Simple Mills frosting (supposed to be healthier, but y’all, so nasty) to a cornbread pound cake (whatever the heck that is) I got from Publix. It had less sugar, so I figured it’d be a good option. Poor buddy, should have just got him the real deal! Ha!! (He didn’t seem to mind, but don’t worry…he got a real cupcake later when Papa & Jimmy came over to celebrate his birthday.) I also got the balloons from Publix, but they sold out of all of their golden balloons for someone’s golden anniversary, so I settled for rose gold and black. (That’s what I get for waiting till the last minute. You can’t really tell, right? They were all popped by like 5 min after the session anyway, because #boys)

We went ahead and had his 1 year pics taken close to his actual birthday, but decided to hold off on his party till after flu season. It was RAMPANT this year, so we didn’t want any part of that.

Beau is sweet as sugar! I don’t know what it is about him, but goodness, he is SPECIAL. People are just drawn to him. We seriously can’t go anywhere without someone stopping to talk to him (most of the time it’s because he’s smiling, waving, and saying “hey” to them first). He is very mature for his age, I’m sure because of his big bros. He’s also very loving, snuggly, and affectionate. He’s strong, but tenderhearted. Can totally hold his own and is adventurous and into everything. He’s got 5 big ole teeth (with two more poppin in) that he loves to show off any chance he gets.

His first year flew by even faster than the other two. I LOVE each of the boys’ bond with him- so special. One thing is for sure…he has brought so much JOY to our home.

Sweet BEAU, you are so, so loved.


I couldn’t get over how much he looks like Jase in some of these. They favor big time!

Oh, and I was having major mom guilt thinking I didn’t have Kade’s 1 year pics taken, but I totally did. #winning #runningman




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