Wednesday, February 14, 2018

If you didn’t marry a “romantic” man…

Happy Valentine’s Day, sweet friends!!

I feel like V-Day is either a love it or hate it kinda deal for most people, don’t you think? Do you fall into one category or the other?

I I know today is tough for some folks. A day that is supposed to be all about love…but maybe brings up some tough emotions/reminders for the singles or for those who have lost their significant others. Just wanted you to know that if you fall into one of those categories and you are hurting or lonely today, YOU ARE LOVED.

I also wanted to reach out to the married ladies though & share some encouragement today.

Some men are more romantic and thoughtful…others not so much. Either way, romantic gestures do not make your husband any more or less of a godly man. I want to encourage you to guard your expectations and watch out for the thief of comparison.

If someone else’s husband does something nice for them, it’s probably going on social media. (And there is nothing wrong with that! I personally think it’s okay to share the good things in our lives, & we should be able to celebrate that with and for others.) I just wanted to remind you not measure your own marriage against a snapshot of someone else’s.  I hope that everyone in my world has a ROCKIN marriage, but unfortunately, social media is not always an accurate indicator of what’s actually going on inside someone’s four walls, so it can be very destructive to fall into the trap of comparison.

If you’ve married a good man, choose to be grateful for him no matter what he does or doesn’t do on Valentine’s Day. Maybe he doesn’t buy you jewelry, plan a hot date, or buy you flowers or candy. Maybe he doesn’t get you a card or even acknowledge the day. Is he a good man? Is he a godly man? Is he providing? Faithful? A good father? Then don’t allow the enemy to plant a seed of bitterness or resentment in your heart towards your husband because he didn’t do this or that. Re-shift your focus & choose to be grateful and LOVE him well anyway. It’ll serve your marriage well.

Short and sweet, tonight.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thankful for my Valentine! (Who did go out of his way with some sweet gestures today. Still, I’m most thankful for the rock solid man that he is on a daily basis. Including loving me enough to not be embarrassed that I wore a mask on an airplane…because #fluseason.)



Anonymous said...

I love that you wore a mask, haha! I totally would have too. I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day even when I was single, it’s such a light and happy holiday. I focus more on brightening others’ day rather than what my husband may or may not be doing. Especially people who no longer have a spouse or kids/nieces/nephews. It’s just an extra good day to spread a little joy!


Champion on a journey said...

A selfie with the mask on the plane...forget grand romantic gestures, because that’s true love right there lol.