Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas Cards 2017

Every year I *almost* don’t send out Christmas cards. I always wait too long (shocker), and it is so time consuming taking pictures, designing cards, gathering addresses, writing allll of those addresses. (Yes, I’m sure there are ways to make all of that go quicker. You people with your amazing stamps & printed addresses are impressive with yo skills!)

But, my heart is always SO happy receiving cards & seeing everyone’s beautiful families posted in our house throughout the Christmas season. I pray for each family as I open their card, and we hang on to them and put them on a ring every year so we have them to look back on.

So because others’ cards bring me so much joy, I always end up sending them & hope to bring the same joy.

This year, we didn’t get professional pics taken. And I just chose 4 different designs from WalMart (WAY cheaper than Shutterfly! Although I still prefer Shutterfly cards) and thought it would be fun to send the four varieties out randomly. Here are the Butler’s Christmas cards from 2017…

P.S. If your address wasn’t listed in our Postable address book, or if you have moved, we may have missed you. We had a few extras this year we normally don’t have. So sorry if we did!


MERRY CHRISTMAS from our family to yours!!

P.S. Anyone else have a tradition of starting and completing their Christmas shopping all the few days before Christmas?!? haha!!

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Anonymous said...

I use WalMart a lot too. I also order from Amazon Photos when the 60% off code is made for extremely cheap cards that were an upgrade in quality compared to WalMart.