Friday, August 11, 2017

When God Doesn’t Answer Prayers…

I believe in the power of prayer.

I know our God answers prayers, as I have seen Him do time and time again throughout my own life, many times in miraculous ways that could only be God.

I keep a prayer journal, and it is so neat to scroll back through the years and see so many PRAISES. To see how He was working different things out at different times, even when I didn’t recognize Him working. Even during trials, I can now see how He was moving or teaching us something through that.

God is NOT a genie in a bottle or Santa Clause in the sky. (Sometimes preachers/authors falsely describe Him in that way.) He is HOLY and MIGHTY…powerful, omniscient, & omnipotent. But, He is also a God who the Bible tells us works for the GOOD of those who love Him, who wants to prosper us, bless us, keep us, and wants us to walk in abundance here on earth. He is gracious and merciful and forgiving and loving. He IS love!

There are several verses that talk about God giving us the desires of our heart and giving us what we ask of him when we ask, seek, & knock.  The more we seek Him, the more our desires line up with His will for our lives & the more I believe we will see our prayers answered.

The other day Jonathan was telling me about a video he saw where the preacher was sharing a few Scriptures/reasons God may not hear our prayers in certain circumstances. I have thought of that before, but for some reason, it just prompted me to want to dig deeper into that subject. I started looking into some of the verses, and found the Bible does talk about some times God may not be hearing our prayers. The Bible says Jesus is seated at the right hand of God interceding for us- isn’t that incredible to think about? And we can talk to God anywhere, any time, under any circumstance. However, after studying this a little more, I do feel like sin, disobedience, marital strife, wrong motives, lack of faith/doubt, hypocrisy/insincerity, and unforgiveness can keep our prayers from being heard. I almost picture it as a glass ceiling. God knows all, and He knows our hearts. He can always see us, always loves us and wants what is best for us, and wants communication and relationship with us. But sometimes our own choices mean our prayers hit a glass ceiling before making it to him because our SIN is clouding them. We have free will and make choices that affect our relationship with Him. Not the love…because He loves us unconditionally. But sin separates us from God, and if we want reconciliation, we must ask for forgiveness and repent. I am so, so grateful for His mercy and grace!! Aren’t you? That He still loves me even when I am unloveable.

I believe sometimes we are getting a delayed response because He is working things out that we cannot see, and as I have learned (both the easy and hard way), HIS TIMING is far greater and more perfect than my expectations. I also believe sometimes He has different plans altogether that are achieving a bigger purpose for His glory. But sometimes, we are just flat out getting in our own way of having our prayers answered. So if you’re like me, perhaps it’s worth digging into these verses, asking forgiveness, repenting, and bringing them before the throne with a clean, pure heart.

I cannot wait to watch the Lord continue to work in MIGHTY ways in our family’s life. I choose to pray continuously, with thanksgiving, and without ceasing.

Thank you Lord, for answered prayers. And thank you for revealing some reasons we may not be seeing answers so we can choose to walk in light, be obedient, have peace in our marriages, seek YOUR will & pray accordingly, be sincere doers of the Word, forgive, believe with perfect faith (or maybe just the faith of a mustard seed), & patiently trust your perfect timing.

Here’s the sheet I wrote out earlier today. I hope this is as eye opening for you as it was for me!

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Anonymous said...

I also think that God answers EVERY prayer. He either answers yes or no. It's hard for me to hear people saying that God hasn't answered their prayer. I always think "well maybe he has already answered and the answer is no." God is not a genie. He isn't going to always give us what we want. He does everything for our good which is our sanctification! There have been many times in my life where I have prayed for something and God has simply said "no". At the time it hurts, but looking back, Those times have been the most growing times for me, and I see why He chose to say no. It was ultimately for my good and sanctification and I am thankful.