Tuesday, August 8, 2017

New FIT Line!!

We get straight FIRED UP when AdvoCare comes out with something new because we know all of the science, research, & development that goes into a new release…so it’s pretty much guaranteed to be a winner. We so appreciate that they are constantly on the cutting edge of science & working to meet the needs in the marketplace. (It’s funny when I see people posting about things like maca, green tea extract, beet root extract, ashwagandha, garcinia camogia, L-theanine, magnesium, turmeric, melatonin, etc. – as we’ve had products with these ingredients in our products for years! Our sci/med board is the REAL DEAL.)


Statistics show that nearly 53% of Americans are participating regularly in some type of physical activity. Studies have also found that physical activity alone is fairly ineffective in helping people lose weight. (Nutrition, hydration, sleep, stress management, recovery, etc. all also play a big role!) And that’s where supplements can really prove beneficial.

We have people ask us all the time about a pre-workout, & although there are options in the Performance Elite line, we are loving the simplicity of this 1-2-3 system! When I am done nursing, I will go to this ( + Arginine and O2 Gold because they are tha JAM!).


I love that all of these are Informed Choice products as well which means they are 3rd party tested for over 200 banned substances & it helps ensure what is on the label is exactly what you’re getting in the product.

The new FIT line is perfect for multiple types of exercise- zumba, yoga, dance, golf, kickboxing, group fitness classes, walking/jogging, spin, that type of thing. My current favorite workouts are boot camp & Orange Theory, & these would be perfect for both of those! (Jon said he typically still recommends Muscle Fuel to anyone doing heavy weight lifting, so that’s what he takes. But he does drink the Intra & BigCharge during his workout. And he takes the Pre for things like coaching the boys baseball game & taking our kiddos to the pool bc he said he needs a pre-workout for those! Ha!)


Here are a few of the notes I took from the docs describing each product as well as the except from the actual AdvoCare website.

PRE: This is designed to elevate energy levels, combat oxidated stress, and help maintain optimal nutritional levels. The green tea extract and B vitamins (energy + mental focus) help improve coordination between the nervous system and the muscles. Helps mobilize energy stores from body fat, and contains antioxidants and flavanoids to help combat stress. It’s designed to take 30 min before a workout to basically get you revved up and ready to go! (Jon says the difference between AdvoCare’s pre-workouts and other pre-workouts he has taken are 1. the mental focus and 2. the results. He said he feels like most of the other things would just have crazy amounts of caffeine and who knows what else (that made his face tingle), but he wouldn’t really get results in his workouts. That was the biggest difference he noticed starting on AdvoCare products 5 1/2 years ago.


  • Supports energy levels*
  • Enhances mental focus*
  • Promotes a healthy metabolism*


INTRA: This is designed to help maintain the optimal level of performance, help maintain hydration, improve skeletal muscle coordination/synthesis, and has a blend of amino acids that promote the synthesis of connective tissues like tendons and ligaments. It also contains tart cherry juice powder (which you’ve heard me talk about before as something I drink during pregnancy) because it reduces inflammation, soreness, and improves Vo2 max. Only 15 cal & a delicious coconut lime flavor (partially from the coconut water powder I’m sure?).


  • Helps the body stay hydrated with electrolytes*
  • Supports muscles with amino acids*
  • Promotes an increase in exercise capacity*


POST: MOST people are missing the mark when it comes to recovery. Jonathan won’t give up his Post Workout Recovery, but this is an awesome option and definitely what I’ll do post workout when I’m done nursing. (Right now I do Muscle Gain.) It’s an intentional blend of protein to carbs (which are necessary for recovery) to help restore glycogen (which is easily depleted during workouts). There are both whey and casein proteins since not all proteins are digested equally. Whey absorbs rapidly whereas casein has a lengthier process of absorption. It also contains botanical compounds and antioxidants to reduce muscle soreness. It’s only 100 cal (so won’t undo your hard work) & comes in chocolate & cin bun. YES please.


  • Provides a balanced blend of protein and carbohydrates*
  • Helps improve muscle recovery*
  • Supports muscle metabolic processes*


RTD Protein: This is one I’m super excited about for the convenience. For someone who isn’t a big meat eater, I sometimes struggle getting in enough protein. It’s 20g, easily digested, & tastes awesome. This is one I’m for sure recommending to my friends who are busy & on the go, because a high quality ready-to-drink protein will come in super handy!


  • 20g Protein
  • 26 vitamins and minerals
  • 140 calories
  • image

    Also, if you noticed the prices on each picture, there is the retail price (I know some people don’t mind paying full retail since the products are absolutely worth every red cent)& the discounted price. Everyone who enrolls with a distributorship has the ability to work to or invest in the deepest discount, which is 40%. Y’all know how much we love our AdvoCare products and it has literally saved us THOUSANDS of dollars by being able to save 40% on everything we order (with no monthly minimums, quotas, autoships, etc.).

    Lots of folks are also really excited about the new Preferred Customer program. It’s only $19.99 + tax & shipping on the Spark samples they’ll send you as a thank you for becoming a PC. You’ll be able to order through your own website any time you want and you’ll see the discount (20%-30%) applied on every single order in your shopping cart. Ships to your door by FedEx in about 2-3 days. It’s very similar to a Sam’s or Costco- still no monthly minimums or quotas or hidden fees…just an annual renewal if you decide to keep your membership. This is perfect for someone who doesn’t have an interest in sharing with others and getting paid for the referrals. And of course we will still be your sponsors so we can add you to our FB coaching page and answer any questions or help you come up with a regimen based on your goals & budget.

    We LOVE what we do with AdvoCare! Thanks for letting us share our passion with you!

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