Thursday, June 15, 2017

Beau: 3 Months

Baby Beau turned 3 months on May 23rd


Weight/Height: He is super long & lean. He may end up being our tallest boy yet. He was around 14 lbs the last time I weighed him, and I’ve even put him in a few 9 month/12 month onsies! They were a little big of course, but I have a feeling he’s going to be a tall guy.


Health: Sweet baby is healthy & growing. He is such a happy, laid back baby & has the best demeanor! This sounds gross but he gets some crusty skin stuff behind his ears like every day. I gently scrub them with one of his little washcloths & then use coconut oil, but it pops back up in a day or two.


I bought some “natural” diapers that caused him to have a rash. We just went back to Pampers & it’s clearing up already. Nothing a little coconut oil and breastmilk can’t cure!


Sleep: Beau is a great sleeper. He takes really great naps and wakes up one or two times during the night. He is definitely going to be a tummy sleeper. We only swaddle his legs now since he can roll over front to back and back to front. We still use our Snuza & Angel Care monitor.


(For the record, when they are fastened in their infant seat, the chest strap should be much tighter than this. We loosened it a little because we were at a restaurant, but you shouldn’t have any slack like that.)

What Beau is up to: rolling front to back & back to front, drooling & blowing bubbles, laughing out loud, getting a million kisses, stealing hearts


Nursing: Nursing is going well. He nurses about 10-15 min, except at night and it’s much longer for that final feeding. He definitely has a side preference, & sometimes I have to nurse one side to get the other ide to let down. Thankfully we haven’t had any issue though! I haven’t really been pumping at all since our extra freezer is in storage& we don’t really have the space.

He’s obviously not missing any meals! (Those aren’t really his size 6 diapers. He’s in a 2/3. We just needed one and had to borrow one of Kade’s.)

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Post-Partum: I feel good. Still sweating all.the.time! I am always hot now which is so unlike me- I’m normally always freezing. Started working out at Fit Body Boot Camp and a few Orange Theory workouts and I feel like I’m really getting back to my normal strength and endurance. I’ve also been doing more research and we are trying to move to a little bit more of a plant-based diet, so shooting for 2 days a week of meatless meals. Still probably need to be getting more sleep, but I’m doing my best to take good care of myself. Growing a lot spiritually. Missing teaching, but try to get my fix through random FB Live videos. Also trying to take better care of my teeth and skin.

Big Brothers Jase & Kade: The boys LOVE their little brother & they take great care of him. They are very sweet and gentle with him and always let me know if he needs something.

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He has his little birth marks in the exact same place Kade does. I feel like he has Kade’s head shape and similar marks, and even some dimples (just not as pronounced as Kade’s), but looks more like Jase with his eyes & coloring.


Thoughts: Baby Beau, you are my sweet, precious boy and my heart is so full loving you!! You have added so much JOY to our family & you’re the perfect Butler brother to add to the mix. I’m  already loving watching you grow and can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for you. I have no doubt it’s BIG….because you are special. And oh so very loved! Thanks for being such a sweet babe. And for not crying in the car anymore. Winking smileLove being your mama.


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