Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Jase’s 4th Birthday Party

We had a BLAST at Jase’s 4th birthday party!


I booked the party a while back at an indoor trampoline park because Jase and his little friends are the perfect age to enjoy that. It was pretty expensive, but they had so much fun it was totally worth it. Jase told me he wanted a pirate party and the only thing he asked for was a pirate cake. It turned out so cute! My friend Sandy hooked us up with this super cute (& delicious) pirate cake and cupcakes, and I ordered all of the decorations off Amazon.


The birthday boy had a blast running, playing, climbing, and jumping with his friends!


I made the kiddos little treasure chests filled with pirate costumes. Neither of my boys liked the costumes, but they were all SO cute!




Jase doesn’t like to be the center of attention, so the birthday song didn’t go over too well. I remember acting EXACTLY like that as a child because I felt embarrassed.


His friends helped him blow out his candles.


And then we sent them back to jump off some of those cupcakes.



Party Guests:

  • Mom, Dad, Kade & Beau
  • Grammy, Granddaddy, Carsyn & Presley
  • Papa, Aunt Jade (“Jimmy”), Will, & Kayton
  • Richard & Jean
  • Greg, Tammie, Zach & Morgen
  • Stephanie, Gracie, Chloe & DJ
  • Keene, Ellie & Easton
  • Jody & Bryce
  • Brian, Laura, Braylon & Mayson
  • Meghan & Miley
  • Lacy & Josiah


Jase- Your daddy and I love you more than you know! We both agree these last 4 years with you have been the best of our lives so far, and every new phase and age with you is our favorite. We love seeing you grow into who God created you to be! You are a smart problem solver, very thoughtful, & a protector of your little brothers. You like playing in water, digging in the dirt, finding bugs, and Paw Patrol. You make us laugh with the funny things you say and you have an awesome imagination. Everyone thinks you’re much older than you are because you’re so tall. You amaze us with your memory and some of the connections you make. We are SO proud of you and honored to be your mom & dad. We can’t wait to watch you grow this next year!


Happy 4th Birthday, sweet Jase!!


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