Monday, May 1, 2017

Beau’s 7th & 8th Weeks!

Week 7 began on 4/13 & week 8 began on 4/20.

Can’t believe you’re already 2 months old, Baby Beau!


Weight/Height: 12 lbs when I weighed him at home & around 23.5”. Sweet boy is GROWING!

Health: Healthy & growing! We are excited for his next checkup and really loving our new pediatrician. He had his first chiropractor appointment also. I’ve been meaning to take him sooner. Thankfully he is sleeping, nursing, turning his head to nurse, pooping and peeing well though, so it was just more of a ‘maintenance’ and to make sure everything is good from delivery. (I know that can be a lot on the little ones.) I They are so very gentle and I didn’t even realize she “adjusted” him because it was so gentle.


Sleep: Beau is the best sleeper yet (so far) of any of the babies. He goes down for the night around 10-10:30 and sleeps till about 4 am. Then I nurse him and he goes back to sleep till about 8ish. He also takes great naps several times a day. Most of the time he takes them in the pack n play upstairs in our room, but if I can sneak in a nap too I let him sleep on my chest for one of the naps. 

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We are still swaddling but need to find the bigger ones because he’s starting to bust out of the newborn ones since he is so long.

There are dark curtains and we have a box fan & air purifier (to keep it cool and for white noise) and a pink Himalayan salt lamp in the room.

What Beau is up to: He would pretty much be the PERFECT baby if he didn’t cry in his car seat when we are driving somewhere! Ha!! Definitely not complaining because I’m  super thankful he’s such an easy going little guy. I just feel so bad for him & there’s nothing really you can do when you’re driving. Thankfully it’s not every time we are in the car, and he’s getting better.

He is very alert! Everyone comments on his big eyes.

He likes to be held up, not like a baby. All of his brothers were that way too.

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Doing great with tummy time for about 15 minutes, & then he starts to fuss.

LOVES to be outside.

Smiling & cooing ALL the time!! SO precious! He especially lights up for me, Jonathan, Jase, Kade, & my mom. My mom and Jase have both made him laugh.

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Still has a tiny bit of thrush on his tongue only. I would really think it was just a milk tongue and it’s definitely worse after he nurses, but it doesn’t go away completely & didn’t scrape off the one time I tried. It isn’t anywhere else in his mouth, hasn’t affected me, and doesn’t bother him so I’m just letting it ride. I am still doing vit D drops & probiotics.

Nursing: Nursing is going really well. I get around 5 oz combined when I pump, which is only every once in a while. (I need to start pumping after our morning feeding so I can store up.) He definitely has a favorite side, so sometimes I let him nurse on that side for just a minute to trigger the letdown on the other side and then I swap him over. That’s working. Still have to wear nursing pads. Taking coconut oil supplements in addition to my normal supplement routine.


Post-Partum: I finally started working out again. I took it slowly at first but now I’m trying to work a little harder since I haven’t seen much of a change yet, which means I’ve had to increase my water intake. My sweat is still stinky. I know that sounds gross, but I’ve just never really been a stinky sweater so this is new to me. (Don’t get me wrong- I have always been a sweater when I’m working out, it just never really smelled. Hormones do crazy things I guess!) Other than that I feel good. Probably not getting quite enough sleep since I wake up at 4:30ish to get ready to go workout (& I’m a night owl so I stay up too late), but I am more productive for sure waking up so early. I am really loving my skin right now. And this is random, but I’m noticing that I don’t seem to e craving sweets at all! Score!


Big Brothers Jase & Kade: We all have a cough (from when the pollen went from like 50 to 4000 a couple weeks ago, and we can’t kick it!), so we are praying he doesn’t get it. So far, so good!

These boys are all crazy about each other! They are very sweet with Beau & protective over him. Watching the three of them together is seriously the sweeeeetest. Melts my heart!

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These faces had me cracking up!

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Thoughts: Baby Beau, you make life even sweeter!! We are so grateful you’re here and part of our family. You are such a sweet, happy little guy and we all love your snuggles, coos, and cute smiles. Whew- that 2 months sure went by fast! I know from your brothers that I need to soak it up because you’ll be running around with the big boys before I know it! Love, love, love you with my whole heart sweet thang. SO very grateful I get to be your mom.

P.S. You are really spoiled with the BEST family who all love you so very much.



Kelley said...

SO cute! Sounds like things are going well and big brothers just adore him. Really love you sharing your family!

Anonymous said...

All of those boys Danielle. Just precious!