Saturday, April 15, 2017

Beau’s 5th & 6th Week

The more babies I have, the worse I get at keeping up here. Here’s all about our sweet Beau’s fifth (3/30) and sixth week (4/6).

Weight/Height: Last time I weighed him he was 11 lbs & a few ounces. He looks SUPER long to me!


Health: Still dealing with a little bit of thrush on his tongue I think? It started to clear up when I was giving him a probiotic. (I found a high quality powder one for infants that you store in the refrigerator. I dip my clean finger in it once per day and rub it in his mouth before a feeding.

I give him one vitamin D drop each day and try to make sure he spends some time outside and in the sunlight. We also do about 15 minutes of tummy time each day.


Baby acne flares up when he gets hot.


Sleep: He is sleeping well! His morning nap is definitely the best and he sleeps pretty good on the go (for the most part). One day he fell asleep during tummy time, and i just let him nap since he had on his Snuza. (I kept a close eye on him.) He slept very soundly, so I have a feeling he’ll be a tummy sleeper when he’s big enough.

A couple times a week I try to take a little afternoon nap with him on my chest so we can get some skin to skin (& I can get some rest).


Nursing: Nursing is going awesome! I added in some coconut oil supplements & I feel like it has made my milk more thick & “hearty.” I take 2 a day with my other supplements. I only pump when I need a bottle, and that’s not very often. I’d like to add a pumping session in the mornings when I have the most milk so I can start storing up, but right now our morning routine just takes too long & I can’t seem to find time.

What Beau is up to: Sweet baby is smiling & cooing! It is so precious.

Bless his heart…he needs a bath but we have been under a boil water advisory for several days, so even though it has been lifted, I’m going to wait a couple more days before bathing him.


Post-Partum: I am trying to do lots of kegels when I remember to strengthen my pelvic floor since I probably did too much (lifting and walking up stairs) after delivery. I feel great, but have definitely not bounced back as quick with this one weight-wise. I’m going to have to step my game up though because unfortunately my wardrobe is limited & I refuse to buy new clothes. (Long story short: we moved into a “temporary rental” in October thinking we’d buy a new house really quickly. All I have out is maternity clothes and winter stuff. Most other things are packed up in storage, and the things I do have access too are not very flattering right now. I kind of forgot about the awkward post-baby bod.) Still sweating, but not as bad. And it smells? I’ve never been a stinky sweater. I am loving my skin right now though, so we’ll take it.


Big Brothers Jase & Kade:


Jase LIGHTS up when Beau smiles at him! I think they are going to have a sweet little bond. He wants to tell everybody about our baby. “This is Baby Beau. He’s zero.” He likes to help burp him & tells me if he’s crying for me. He also refers to him as “her” and “she” sometimes, so we have a little work to do on the pronouns.

Kade always says “awwww” and points to him and says “Baby Beau” in the sweetest voice! He loves him and is very gentle with him. He has adjusted really well to having a new baby and me not being able to hold him all the time, but he still wants me to hold him a lot. Sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t. He brings him toys to share with him.


Thoughts: Sweet baby Beau, you are such a little joy! We have already forgotten what life was like without you and are so thankful you are part of our crew. I love being your mama!

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How many mg of coconut oil do you take a day?? I need to try that!!