Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Beau’s 3rd & 4th Weeks

3 weeks old on Thursday, March 16th and 4 weeks old on Thursday, March 23rd.

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Weight/Height: He weighed 9 lbs & 8 oz and was 21” at his check up on March 17th (3 weeks + 1 day).

Health: I noticed some a white film on his tongue, and I wasn’t sure if it was thrush or milk. I brought it up to the pediatrician and we took a good look at it at his appointment. It didn’t scrape off easily, so he said it was thrush but thankfully just a small case since it was only on his tongue and pretty light. He gave me a prescription in case it got worse, but told me I could try some natural things first if I wanted. Since then I’ve amped up my probiotics BIG time, started drinking Kefir & eating fermented foods, trying to cut out sugar, and using a high quality infant probiotic for the baby. (I wash my hands, get some of the powder on my finger, and put it in his mouth before he nurses.) It has cleared up more already, so hopefully that will take care of it. It hasn’t affected him nursing at all, hasn’t spread, and I haven’t noticed any issues with myself either.

Other than that, very healthy and we are thankful!


Sleep: Beau is an awesome sleeper so far. Very thankful for that! We are still swaddling, have the room dark, have a box fan going and play music. He typically sleeps upstairs in the pack n play that’s in our room (I have a video monitor on him and keep the Snuza on too), but sometimes he sleeps in his bouncie chair downstairs. He sleeps pretty soundly and will give me 3-4 hour stretches at night.


Nursing: Nursing is going great. He hit a growth spurt around 4 weeks and is eating all.the.time. Right now he cluster feeds starting around 9:45ish and I seriously feel like he eats/falls asleep/eats some more for like 2 hours! Other than that I feel like he is much faster. He’s a good burper too.

I pumped for the first time on Tuesday (March 21st) and had mom give him a bottle while I went to the grocery store. She said he did well with it. Since then I’ve given him a bottle two more times, but only want to do it when it’s absolutely necessary. I have pumped a few times after feedings and frozen the milk (I get about 5 oz total each time), but don’t have enough room in our freezer to pump too much.

One time I think I overfed him and he puked a lot. Jase was in the bed with me and Jon when it happened, and he kept talking about it the next day. He said “Baby Beau throwed up all over mom’s belly and it made me so sad. It was everywhere and very bad.”

What Beau is up to: He has a strong neck/head & everyone comments that he is very alert. He loves to be held (of course). He started smiling this week and being able to focus more. Since he was born a week late, he is having a “leap” according to Wonder Weeks app. I thought he might be my first baby to not have baby acne, but he started developing a little this week. His hair has a reddish tint and his skin is very red when he cries.


Post-Partum: He is sleeping great, but I’m still having a little bit of a tough time. I am also still rockin some night sweats & it is gross. I’ve never really been one to be a stinky sweater, but I think because I haven’t been eating as clean that it smells worse than normal, so I wash the sheets multiple times to week. Blah! My hair looks like poo- I really need to get it done again. But I like the way my skin looks! Yay!

I am still about 13-14 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight. It’s not coming off as fast this time for sure, but I have not been eating quite as good as I normally do. Time to clean it up a little! I am not diggin this little belly I have.

Big Brothers Jase & Kade: The boys are both SO sweet with Beau. Jase says all the time that he loves Baby Beau so much. He likes to rub his head, asks to hold him sometimes (but it only lasts for like 30 seconds), sing to him, and let me know when he’s crying (“Hey Mom, the baby’s crying for you.”) He always says “look Mom, he’s looking at me! He loves me so much.” Beau smiles the BIGGEST for Jase.

Kade always says “Awwwww” when he sees him and very gently pets him on his head. He can also say “Baby Beau” and is so sweet with him.

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Thoughts: Sweet Baby Beau, you are such a precious blessing and we are so thankful to have you as part of our family. You are so, so very sweet & bring all of us such joy. You are such a content little guy and we are enjoying watching you grow already! Can’t wait to see more of your sweet little personality develop. I am so thankful to be your Mama! You are a treasure and going to be a mighty man for the Lord.


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