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A "Slim Down" Challenge & Preferred Customer Option

It’s no secret we still LOVE our AdvoCare! We love the products and have been taking them consistently every single day for almost 5 years now. We are also so thankful for the options the income opportunity has created for our family. But hands down our favorite part is that we get to pay that forward and help others achieve their own health/fitness/financial goals. it is incredibly rewarding & why we are so passionate about what we do! So, wanted to share two new options with you guys.
Slim is one of our products that has been around for over 10 years and is absolutely PHENOMENAL! It has a few ingredients that lots of people & companies are now promoting as the “latest & greatest” because the science has proven how effective they are, but we’ve (AdvoCare) known about and used them in our products for YEARS because our sci/med board is on the cutting edge of nutrition. They are way ahead of the curve.
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I used it both times I was not pregnant/nursing & did the 24 Day Challenge + continued on trim products afterwards…and absolutely loved my results. It helped me with my afternoon slump/cravings/desire to snack & I definitely think it contributed to helping me get so lean. (Since pregnant & nursing for pretty much the last almost 4 years, I use mostly the Well line now & LOVE it. Here is the list from our sci/med board of their approved products, but you always want to work with your doctor to come up with a plan if you’re pregnant, nursing, or have and medical issues.)
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{This picture is from day 11 of my very 1st 24 Day Challenge back in March of 2012. My energy was through the roof & I had so much control over my sweet tooth, and that’s what sold me. I felt like a million bucks! Losing 2 pants sizes was just an added bonus.}
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{These two pictures were taken a little over two months apart- the L taken May of 2014 and the R taken in July. In the pic on the right, I just finished my first 24 Day Challenge after nursing Jase for 15 months. I added Slim in with this one too}
I am personally a HUGE fan of the Metabolic Nutrition System (MNS) that comes as part of the 24 Day Challenge. It is part of Jonathan’s daily regimen (& has been for the past 5 years), and I use it daily when not pregnant or nursing too. But the cool thing about Slim is that it can be taken WITH the MNS, or it can be taken on its own. It’s an awesome option for someone looking for a little edge or someone that maybe can’t swallow pills. They just recently released a new flavor…LEMONADE!! I tried a taste of Jon’s the other day and it is absolutely DELISH. (I’m a huge lemonade fan anyway. It’s probably my favorite drink.)
This is what it looks like. Comes in these convenient little stick packs- 14 in a box.

And this is AdvoCare’s description if you want the “official” details:
  • A portable weight-management aid*
  • Supports appetite management*
  • Provides support for energy*
Combines appetite suppression with energy and metabolic enhancers in a convenient, easy-to-take supplement.*
AdvoCare Slim® combines green coffee extract and garcinia cambogia fruit extract to help control appetite and support weight management.* AdvoCare Slim® also contains chromium, an essential nutrient involved in the metabolism of fat and storage of carbohydrates.*
Works in conjunction with MNS®, AdvoCare Core® or as a stand-alone product.

So, the “Slim Down” Challenge basically drinking Slim twice a day for 14 days. I recommend committing for at least a month or more, but I have no doubt you’ll see results from adding this in to a healthy routine of clean eating, staying hydrated, exercise, and plenty of rest. Again, it can be taken in conjunction with any other Advo products (for max results), or on its own if you prefer. (Up to you & your budget.) I love this option because some people just aren’t ready to commit to a 24 Day challenge. It’s definitely for someone who is ready to make a change & a big jump start…so the slim down challenge is a little more simple for some people. 1 product…you drink it twice a day (so you need at least 2 boxes)…easy peasy.
We wanted to try it out ourselves before recommending the challenge. Jon agreed to be the guinea pig since I’m 9 months prego & not trying to slim down (yet!). Between the ALL-IN Challenge that started in early January & then adding the Slim twice a day for the Slim Down Challenge (plus me cleaning up our diets and cooking at home for almost the whole month), he lost over 13 lbs. Hahaha! That is only funny to be because he really didn’t want to lose weight & wasn’t very happy about only weighing 180. I’m thankful he tried it out for me so we could recommend, but he stopped because he said he’s ready to put some weight back on. Anyway, it works (in case you were wondering). Of course that’s just his results, and that’s after completing the challenge & us eating very clean with only a couple of cheat meals.
I also wanted to share about the new preferred customer option because it is a perfect fit for so many! AdvoCare products are worth every red cent, so plenty of people are fine being retail customers & ordering at full price. There are also several people who want to be distributors because they want to get to have the ability to get the 40% discount (advisor, which also opens the door to earn income 5 ways if you choose to pursue that) & earn income off referrals for sharing with others.
So, the difference is that as a new preferred customer, you only pay $19.95 + tax & shipping, and you get everything pictured below along with your own 20-30% discount. This is perfect for anyone who just wants to enjoy the products at a discount and has no intention of sharing with others. (But when people start asking what you’re doing, you can easily switch to become a distributor if they’d like to join you!)
Here’s the link to Become a Preferred Customer if you think that may be a good fit.

As always, let me know if you have any questions. We take pride in coaching our friends/customers to helping them get the best results. That means helping them work a plan for their budget, walking them through how to take products correctly, and sharing some of our favorite resources. Here’s to a SLIM 2017!!

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