Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Baby Butler #3 is 40 Weeks!!

Happy due date, Baby Beau!!  

(February 13th was his official due date, so as I post today on Valentine’s Day I’m technically 40+1.)

Growth: He’s just fattening up now & the Lord is putting on the finishing touches!


Weight/Baby Bump: I still weigh about the same. About 26-27ish lbs from pre-pregnancy weight. Baby bump is still growing in all directions- out, side-to-side, getting rounder…

Image may contain: 1 person, standingImage may contain: 1 person, smiling, phone, selfie and indoor

I think the bump is bigger than it appears in pictures.

Sleep: Sleeping okay. I haven’t slept through one whole night in a LONG while. Praying for a restful night’s sleep tonight!

Movement: I’m being more vigilant about paying attention to movement. Sometimes I forget & realize it has been a while since I’ve noticed anything. If that happens, I eat or drink something and then he gets going. He’s for sure running out of space.

Appointments: My last appointment was on Thursday, Feb 9th. They didn’t tell me my blood pressure or baby’s heart rate, only that both were good. Normally I ask, but it went so quick I didn’t really get a chance to. The doctor checked me and I was 1 cm and 50%, –3 station. He mostly told me about our next steps (at my appointment in another week) of doing the non-stress test and an ultrasound to check amniotic fluid. I’m no stranger to that because I had to do it with Kade too. I hope he comes before I have that appointment on Friday, but if not I know he’ll come in the Lord’s perfect timing.

Accomplishments: We grew another full-term baby & welcomed a new niece!

Work Outs: I have walked several times this week and plan to go to yoga tomorrow morning if I can.

Symptoms: I’m not really having any of the normal pregnancy symptoms other than a small case of hemorrhoids (TMI, sorry…for documentation’s sake) and a vericose vein on the back of each leg. I cannot STAND for my belly button to touch anything or for anyone to touch it because it is so sensitive. SUPER thankful the sinus infection FINALLY cleared up (took 2 weeks, lots of natural remedies & plenty of prayers for it to run its course). Started having a few periodic (light) contractions this evening, but nothing worth getting excited over yet. Definitely nothing regular or worth timing or anything. No mucus plug or bloody show yet. I do feel kind of tired tonight, but hoping a good night of rest will do the trick. I feel great physically though other than that. No pain, no swelling, not even really any discomfort. Good energy during the day. Able to move and get around pretty well. Went to the chiropractor today for a quick (& hopefully my last) adjustment & he said everything has held pretty well towards the end here. Mentally I feel pretty good too. Very thankful!

Best Pregnancy Moment This Week: My sister-in-law welcomed her sweet baby! I was able to be in the room with her for the first little while & it got me SO excited about having mine too. I know it sounds crazy, but I absolutely LOVE labor & delivery and am so looking forward to it! P.S. Mom & baby are both doing GREAT! She is absolutely STUNNING, of course!

I also love that now when someone asks “So when are you due?” I can smile and tell them “Ohhh yesterday.” Their expressions are always priceless. It happened about 5 times today already. EVERYONE wants to talk to you when your belly looks like this. Ha!!

Goals: Welcome a healthy Baby Beau to the world!

Thoughts: To me, a due date is just an estimated date of arrival. Ha! I did not expect him to come before his due date because we prayed for full-term. Thankfully I still feel good physically and mentally. I’ve been praying Scripture aloud & reading some of the prayers from Supernatural Childbirth out loud every day. I read them to Jonathan today- he loved them! Several people who were due after me have already had their sweet babies, and I couldn’t be more excited for them! I’m definitely still content & feeling patient at this point, but not gonna lie…I am SO excited about labor! I love all things pregnancy, labor & delivery. I could seriously listen to people talk about their delivery stories all day long and I love to ask a million questions. It is so cool to me how uniquely God makes every pregnancy, baby, & delivery. Ideally I would love for him to come tomorrow or Thursday but again, I know His plans are greater than mine and I trust that totally. I am so thankful for God’s continued faithfulness, blessings, provision, and divine intervention. Cannot WAIT to share sweet Beau’s birth story soon.

Praying for the bigger boys as we become a family of 5!

P.S. I am so, so grateful to every single person who has said a prayer or prayers for us through pregnancy or in our final days of waiting for sweet Beau. I honestly can’t think of anything that means more than our friends and family interceding on our behalf. The prayers mean SO much to us and we know God hears and honors them. Thank you, thank you!






Brooke said...

You are just gorgeous! Sending prayers your way! -Brooke

Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful blessing to go to your due date and even beyond! I had my first at 38 1/2 weeks and my second came early at 35 weeks. Both are beautiful and on track in every way, but I had some major feelings of failure (still do) and will always wish I had gone to 40! So happy for long healthy pregnancies for u, triple high five!! Can't wait to see sweet baby #3!