Monday, February 6, 2017

Baby Butler #3 is 39 Weeks!!

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Growth: says Your baby is full term this week and waiting to greet the world! He continues to build a layer of fat to help control his body temperature after birth, but it's likely he already measures about 20 inches and weighs a bit over 7 pounds, about the size of a mini-watermelon. (Boys tend to be slightly heavier than girls.) The outer layers of his skin are sloughing off as new skin forms underneath.

Weight/Baby Bump: Up about 25-26 pounds. A few people have said they think I’ve dropped, but I’m not so sure. He is low, but I’ve read that many times in subsequent pregnancies it doesn’t happen till labor is eminent. Baby bump torpedo is IMPRESSIVE from the side! I’m not really sure that pictures can even do it justice.

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Sleep: Kade’s teeth finally broke through & both of the boys slept great all last week. I slept good when I actually went to sleep, but I stayed up too late several nights because I was nesting like crazy! I do clean & cook during the day, but I like to spend as much time as possible with the boys too, so that meant staying up later than normal to get the extra stuff done. I also haven’t really taken any naps this past week. My goal for the upcoming week is to get way more REST!

Movement: Still feel him, but he’s running out of room. I try to pay attention to kick count more specifically now since he has distinct sleep cycles. Still moving well. (Yep, just did a big ole roll as I typed that.)

Symptoms: I’ve definitely had a couple of contractions, but nothing consistent. I’ll take it though, because every one I have now is one less than I’ll have later!

I also woke up not feeling super hot last Wednesday. I knew it was from not getting enough sleep (& probably from going to the grocery store every single day & not being as vigilant about washing my hands as I should have been). SO, by Sunday it had developed into a sinus infection. My right ear and jaw/teeth are tender and I am stuffy on that right side. Doing everything I can to get rid of that bad boy before Beau comes because I really need to be 100% up to par & able to breathe clearly through my nose for natural childbirth. Praising God for healing me in time (because I know He will!). Till then, drinking TONS of water, amping up vitamin C & taking fermented cod liver oil, drinking decaffeinated herbal tea, using a sinus saline rinse, avoiding dairy & sugar, juicing, eating a couple of oranges every day, chiropractic, diffusing Frankincense, & doubling up on my probiotics. Also just did a neti pot rinse with salt & a few essential oils. Hopefully all of that will knock it out!

Other than that, nothing that all of the sites say are normal. No swelling anywhere, no heartburn, not miserable or uncomfortable. I do have to pee all the time, but that’s just the story or my life anyway from drinking so much water so I’m used to it.

Still going to the chiropractor once a week to keep everything in line. That “relaxin” (the hormone your body releases to let everything start loosening up as you get ready to deliver) is really doing its job, so things shift easily.

Appointments: Saw the NP because there was a medical emergency & the doctor I was supposed to see couldn’t be there. She is super nice & I really like her, but I was really hoping to see the doctor because there is potential he could be the one to deliver me and I haven’t seen him at all this pregnancy. I’m running out of appointments so would love to see them all at least once before I deliver, but it looks like that’s not going to happen. I opted not to be checked because I knew I hadn’t progressed much so it would be kind of pointless. Blood pressure was 104/62 (back to normal- seemed a little high the week before) & I was measuring between 37-38 weeks. His heartbeat was strong, right around 134.

Accomplishments: Finished EVERYTHING on our to-do list! Holla at your girl! (Feels GOOD to be DONE!)

Work Outs: We went to the gym once & I lifted weights. I felt like my belly was touching the floor when I squatted. Ha! (Body weight squats are great during pregnancy.) I really wanted to go to yoga this week but Jonathan worked on the house 6 of the 7 days and didn’t get home early enough any day for me to go. Maybe next week.

Best Pregnancy Moment This Week: I was talking to the boys about Baby Beau coming soon. Jase asked me if I was going to poop him out and said we should get a nail and pop my big belly. Hahha! The mind of a 3 year old! Jonathan is also super excited about him coming soon which has me even more excited. I can’t WAIT for our sweet new addition- to see all of Beau’s unique characteristics, gifts, and how he is going to change the world.

Goals: 1. Pack for the hospital. 2. Have Jon grab the things we’ll need out of storage. (bouncie chair, swaddles, newborn clothes, baby wraps, wash cloths/towels, baby bath, heating pad, infant sleeper that clicks in the top of the pack n play, changing pad) 3. Get extra pack n play from Mom. 4. Wash some clothes (boys shirts, coming home outfit, a few onsies, new sheets). 5. Get gifts for Jase & Kade from Baby Beau. 6. Order diapers. 7. Get my hair done & a pedicure. DONE!!! All ready for him.

Thoughts: Other than the little bit of sinus junk, I feel AMAZING. I am so, so beyond grateful for another wonderful, healthy pregnancy & (cliche) cannot believe how quickly the pregnancy has flown by. I pray I am an encouragement to future, expecting, and current mamas about how JOYFUL pregnancy can be!! I truly believe it’s all about what you choose to focus on, and I have enjoyed focusing on the promises of God and the gift of helping create this sweet blessing & miracle. I have had a million roles/jobs/titles, but being a wife and mom are hands down my favorite. They are the most fulfilling by far and I never feel more like Jesus than when I am serving my family. I can’t even really describe it, but it brings me such JOY. I am so thankful to get to be this sweet new baby’s mama. He is already so very loved & covered in prayer.

Baby Beau- We cannot wait to meet you, to see what you look like, to watch your grow, to snuggle you, and to love you! You are a good and precious gift from above and we are honored to be your parents. Your big brothers are going to be crazy about you too. Get ready, buddy- they’re wild & fun!



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