Monday, January 9, 2017

Chicken Noodle Soup

One of our current faves around the Butler house is chicken noodle soup. Jonathan requests it once a week, so I usually make it on our busy night because it’s so quick & easy. (Well, if you’ve already made the chicken. Otherwise you can cheat & buy a rotisserie at the grocery store. The Simple Truth brand from Kroger is a little pricey, but it’s delicious & worth it for the higher quality meat in my opinion. I have a video below for how to roast a chicken.)


Here’s what we use:

  • organic chicken bone broth (you can make your own which is obviously WAY better, but if you’re in a pinch there is a brand called Pacific you can buy at most grocery stores.)
  • organic celery & carrots (We already have them on hand for juicing & salads.)
  • 1/3 bag brown rice pasta (Tinkyada – Pasta Joy Ready) + 1/2 pack No Yolk egg whole grain noodles
  • shredded chicken (Here’s a quick video on how to roast a chicken). If you make roast your own, you will have enough meat that you can make sandwiches too AND can also make your own bone broth from it. You could also boil the chicken (which is much faster), but the roasted chicken tastes better.

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  • pink Himalayan salt & fresh ground pepper to taste

I start by peeling the carrots and slicing the carrots and celery into thin pieces so they soften quicker. In a large pot over medium/high heat, pour in the bone broth (& add a little water) and add the vegetables and noodles. I typically shred the chicken while that is on the stove since it’s already cooked. Once I add the chicken, I reduce the heat and let it simmer for a while, then salt and pepper to taste. (I apply both pretty liberally.) It literally takes about 15 minutes from start to finish.

It’s great paired with chicken avocado melts (Jon’s FAVE!) and makes good leftovers for lunch the next day. (I just reheat in a pot on the stove instead of in the microwave.)

There is real research that says chicken noodle soup truly is beneficial when you’re under the weather (that’s not just an old wives’ tale from your grandma), so I figure it’s gotta be great for preventing illness too, right? ESPECIALLY with the bone broth! (That is a newer discovery for me even though it’s been around for forever…working on a blog post all about the benefits now!) But, unfortunately canned soup is pretty much garbage. Canned foods are lined with BPA, PACKED with sodium, & most are filled with tons of artificial junk that help it maintain shelf life. Why not just make your own when it’s this quick, easy, & delicious? Both of my boys tear it up too.

(*I think I covered all of the options- from people who love to make everything from scratch to those who don’t have a lot of extra time.)



Jessi Barton said...

Chicken avocado melts? Recipe please!

Amanda said...

I agree! I would love your recipe for chicken avocado melts!