Sunday, August 21, 2016

Some Encouragement for the Wives & Mamas

I posted these on Facebook a few weeks ago & I felt like they were blog worthy, so here we are.

Wives & mamas, I want to encourage you this morning.

I woke up at 3 am and couldn't go back to sleep for a while because this was so heavy on my heart.

Your BEST and most IMPORTANT work is in the four walls of your own home. I know many of us that are called to ministry and we want to make disciples. We want to encourage and share the Gospel with others, and that is a great calling. I love that, but as wives and moms, we have to understand that should always be secondary to making disciples in our own homes first. If you made a vow before the Lord and you're a wife, and if you're blessed with little ones to raise and train up, pointing them to Jesus and encouraging them in their walk should be a primary goal. They should get our best! So many times I see this (and I'm guilty of it myself sometimes, too), but we are more gracious, patient, and merciful with strangers than we are our own husband and kids. I am learning to fervently pray that God will give me a heart geared towards my own family & inspire other women to do the same. I truly believe THAT is how we are going to begin to change this nation and spread the good news. By modeling a faith that our kids want to be part of. When we have taken care of our own, and shown them the fruits of the spirit in our own home, THEN we can be a powerful example to others. An even brighter light in a dark world. And our ministry to others will be more effective. I'm not saying perfection- I just know I want my family to get the very best of me so the people who know me best respect me most. That's integrity. And that's how we raise up the next generation of world changers.

Wives & moms, I'm praying the Lord uses you in a mighty way to shape, encourage, and love your husband and children. I'm praying you display the fruits of the Spirit in your home so your family falls in love with Jesus, because they know that comes from Him.

And to piggyback off of that, I wanted to share something that has been so helpful for me. More of a "how to" in making sure my family is getting my best.

I have learned that you cannot pour from an empty cup. When you are FILLED up with Christ, everyone gets the overflow, and it is sweet. It removes expectations for others to meet your needs (that they aren't designed to fill), which means more peace in your relationships. That's how you will be truly fulfilled, by focusing on your own relationship with the Lord, drawing near to Him, & viewing everything else as a way to serve...just like Jesus did. For me, that means quiet time with the Lord EVERY day, even if just for a few minutes in the morning to get my heart right. It means studying the Word and knowing it so it comes to my mind when I start to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or discouraged. (Hide it in your heart!) It means praying consistently & often, for wisdom, discernment, the fruits, & for those around me. It means reading uplifting leadership, personal growth, marriage, & parenting books that stretch me and give me new perspective. It means being a seeker and surrounding myself with people who have the fruit on the tree. It means finding great mentors & being a sponge, learning and applying as much from them as possible. It means leaning on the Lord during both the ups and downs, but choosing to be grateful & thankful! And it also means taking care of myself physically, so I have the energy to keep up.

I know...I know it can be exhausting, and sometimes you just feel like you're not doing a good job. Sometimes you may feel lonely & unappreciated. Just know this, we have control over feeling that way & can choose NOT to allow ourselves to feel or believe that. We don't always have to believe our feelings, & Jeremiah warns that our hearts can deceive us. Replace lies with the truth and keep doing the good work. YOU are changing the world, right from your own home.


Unknown said...

This is so great! I have followed your blog for a few years now and I always find what you write to be so uplifting and sometimes it pokes at the things I'm trying to hide from myself too, which is also a good thing. One thing I struggle with though, is how to balance being a good wife and mother (in the future) with my career. I joined the Navy a few years into my marriage and I absolutely love it! But I often feel guilty that I should be staying at home instead of working, even though I love what I do and it makes me the best version of myself that I've ever been. Do you have any advice on how to balance both the biblical responsibilities of being a wife and a mother with having a career?

Unknown said...

Amen Sista!!! Thanks for sharing, its always encouraging and refreshing to hear you stand up for these things, I unfortunately don't have a lot of immediate people around me who feel this way and it can feel a bit discouraging and lonely at thank you for sharing :)
Emily Rudolph