Monday, August 8, 2016

Kade’s 1st Birthday Party!


Our cutie Kade became a one year old on June 14th, and we celebrated his birthday with a party at our house that weekend (Saturday, June 18th) with friends and family. We searched Pinterest for a cute theme and finally decided on Very Hungry Caterpillar! Chelsi bought us the book a while back so we used that for ideas while planning the menu and decorations.


Everything was SO cute, but I especially loved the unique touches like the cups & water bottles with his name on them and the plates with his picture.




The goody bags had some sweet little treats an of course included some gummy worms to resemble caterpillars.


Gracie helped make the cute 1st birthday caterpillar with pictures from each month of his whole first year. I LOVE these! I still have Jase’s from his 1st birthday and both of them are now hanging in the basement. It’s so neat to see how they grow and change so much during that first year of life.


The menu was probably my favorite part. Yes, there was definitely a random bunch of food, but it lined up with the book and everyone left with full tummies. I always get a nugget tray from Chik-Fil-A, because even though the caterpillar didn’t eat through any nuggets, it’s always a big hit at parties.


He loved his “Mater” from Pop & Jimmy. And I loved his cute little personalized t-shirt with his name on it!


We usually just get the cakes from Publix because they’re reasonable and yummy (and they always turn out cute!), but I’d rather support a small biz or individual, so we’ll probably go that route in the future.



We didn’t have any games or anything really because I wanted the kids to just run around and play with each other. They all had a blast.


The video of us singing “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” only picked up at the end, but he seemed to like it. He liked the cake for sure. I remember Jase wouldn’t touch it at his first birthday.


This one cracks me up. “Seriously mom, how am I supposed to eat off this plate with my picture staring back at me?”


All the guests at the party:


He got the best gifts and I was so thankful. Lots of books, some toys and puzzles, and a few outfits.


Here’s Grammy…the party planning queen! Couldn’t have pulled it off without her for sure.


We will probably combine the boys’ birthday parties in the future, but we wanted to give him a big 1st birthday bash. Mission accomplished!We are so thankful for everyone who came to celebrate our sweet boy with us! He is such a happy boy and light to everyone…I can’t even describe the joy he has brought to our home over this last year. We LOVE you, sweet Kade. Happy 1st Birthday!


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Lizzie said...

The party looked amazing!!! Such a cute idea!
I'll definitely be looking at this post to help with my second son's first birthday as well( he's currently 6 months, but I'm already planning)
God bless