Thursday, April 28, 2016

That Time I Took an Unintentional Blogging Hiatus

Remember that time I accidentally didn’t blog for like 3 months??


I have missed you guys! Thank you to those of you who reached out to encourage me during the past couple of months.

I have SO much on my heart and so much to say, and I don’t even really know how that happened. I’ve had a list of things I wanted to blog about, but every night (when I normally blog) I chose to do something else instead. I got lost in a few great books. I taught a Bible study. I organized some things around the house. I started yoga again. I watched some documentaries. I spent time with Jonathan. I don’t really even know. I definitely am not hanging up my blogging hat and didn’t even intend to take a break from it, but it happened. And I’m baaaaaaaack!


Things have been going really, really well around here. I feel so rested, balanced, and fulfilled. Jonathan and I are doing GREAT and the boys are growing like crazy. They are so stinkin cute & SO much fun! I DEFINITELY need to update on them ASAP. Kade is 10 months now (almost a year…how did that happen?) and Jase will be 3 in a couple weeks. THREE.


I have lots of blog posts coming. I’ve got like 6 drafts I started and never got around to finishing…all the way back to Christmas 2016. (Who even am I? I do NOT get behind like that.) So thanks for hanging in there with me and for still reading. If there’s a “worst blogger of 2016 award” goin around anywhere, send it my way. No worries though, I fully intend to redeem myself.

Talk more soon!


brittanyghantous said...

So happy to read new posts from you! I don't remember how I stumbled on your blog awhile ago but I enjoy reading all of your posts...especially those on marriage and strengthening yours and growing as a wife! They inspire me to reflect on myself as a wife and how I would like to grow so thank you for that!

Cindy said...

Yaaay! I can hardly wait to get caught up. Keep em' coming.