Sunday, January 3, 2016

Are You ALL IN?

In March of 2012, I was ready for a CHANGE.

You can go back and read some of the blog posts around that time and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

I was doing my best to eat healthy (what I learned from Weight Watchers & tracking my  food on My Fitness Pal) and work out hard (I just finished my second full marathon, and apparently that’s NOT a weight loss venture). I had a sweet tooth I couldn’t control. I felt exhausted all the time even though I was drinking TONS of coffee and green tea. I didn’t like the way my clothes fit and I was just uncomtorable in my skin. I thought I was “doing all the right things,” but it wasn’t working for me.

Enter AdvoCare.

I saw people I knew getting undeniable results, so we (skeptically) decided to give it a shot. For some reason I thought it wasn’t going to work for me (probably because I had tried everything else!).

We became members for the discount (to save money because I’m cheap frugal) and jumped on the 24 Day Challenge. AdvoCare has over 70 incredible products, but this bundle is one of the most popular and happens to be where we started. In 24 days, I dropped 6 lbs, 10”, and went from a size 8 back to my size 4’s from college. And unlike some other “diets” I had tried, I felt INCREDIBLE. Energy was through the roof, I was sleeping better, & didn’t even need naps. Oh, and I noticed my sweet tooth disappear. (That’s really what sold me.) Jonathan also dropped 8 lbs and 2” in his waist that we didn’t even know he needed to lose. We were both beyond impressed, especially because we felt like a million bucks.

(My friend Laura took this for me at school while I was on my challenge. I was SO pumped about how I was leaning out & how GOOD I felt!)

We knew we were going to stay on the products for life, and we were right- we have both taken them since we first began that challenge back in March of 2012. They have completely changed our life for the better, so over the last 3 years and 9 months we have passionately paid it forward. It has been a ripple effect that has led to thousands of other people getting in the best health and shape of their lives.

(The picture on the left is pre-Advo. Picture on the right….rockin that #dadbod! This was after 3 years on product. Love that he had incredible results that he has been able to maintain and he’s still crushin it in the gym.)

(This was my first post-baby/post-nursing 24 Day Challenge. These pictures were taken about a month apart after a challenge with a few of my favorite add-ons.)

Anyway, I wanted to share this here in in case you’ve been on the fence or looking for something that is actually going to work. I know it seems cliche to start a new plan at the beginning of the year, but I LOVE the idea of goal setting and a fresh start.

This is not about a fad diet or magic potion or quick fix. It’s absolutely a lifestyle change, but it gives you all the tools you need. The plan teaches you the right way to eat and fuel your body, and the supplements fill in nutritional gaps so your body runs like it’s supposed to and you see results.

On January 11th, we are getting ready to jump #allin with about 100,000+ people across the nation. We will all start together and finish together, so there will be awesome accountability & encouragement. We also have a great FB page for people on our team with tons of recipes, meal ideas, and support. I love the concept of #ALLIN because most people are like I was before AdvoCare. Start something, do it or a little while, get discouraged or lazy, then quit. Start something else. Quit. Go back to one of the other things. Do it for a little while. Give up again. I know how that cycle goes, and I’m just here to tell ya this is the FIRST thing I have stuck with. It’s easy to be all in when you get results, you have help and accountability, and you feel good. You learn how to fuel your body and what you should feel like, so you actually WANT to stick with it. There haven’t been a whole lot of people who start this with us and quit…but there have been COUNTLESS success stories of people who have reached goals and maintained their results for a long time. THAT is what this is about. Longevity & change….not a quick fix. It’s exactly the jump start I needed in March of 2012.

So, if someone has shared AdvoCare with you, this is a great time to go ask them about it. But if you’re looking for someone to help coach you or a group to be a part of, we would be honored for you to join our team!

I really wish I would have posted this sooner so you guys would have had more time, but I’ve had some technical difficulties with the blog. (Shout out to Big Jon for hookin me up and getting everything going for me.)

So, until Monday at noon (well, while supplies last anyway…and I feel pretty certain they probably won’t make it till then), you can get all of these freebies WITH the challenge! (Plus, FREE shipping. Seriously, they had me at free.) You can order beyond that, but the pre-orders with all of the freebies ends then. This will give you plenty of time to get all of your goodies and do the prep to get ready for the challenge starting on the 11th.

*Be sure you click on the JUMP ALL IN banner to order so you get the freebies! You can click on that link to order if you don’t mind paying full price.

*If you want to do the membership route like we did, here is the link for that. It’s really similar to a Sam’s or Costco- no monthly minimums, quotas, or autoships. You’ll get 3 boxes of Spark  just for becoming a member & your own free microsite where you can order your challenge at a discount. Either way is totally fine!

We will be in the car for a while tomorrow after church, so if you need to e-mail me with questions I’ll try to get back to you then. ( or Just wanted to get this out before the ALL IN pre-order option goes away.

For those of you who are already ALL IN, we are pumped to do this alongside you! We cannot WAIT for a reset over here in the Butler house. Game on!

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