Sunday, November 1, 2015

Riat’s Diamond Pinning: Indiana Trip

Meet the Riat’s.


Justin & Niki are an absolute power couple. She & I actually became friends through the blog, but our friendship has grown tremendously over the past few years as I’ve gotten to know her better. Jonathan & Justin have really hit it off too. They are just good, quality people all the way around & they bring a lot to the table. Influence, integrity, work ethic, humility, willingness to invest in themselves and others…the list could go on. They are both very sharp.

They’ve pretty much just got it goin on…so naturally when they decided AdvoCare was going to be their vehicle to financial freedom and (more importantly for them) TIME freedom, they moved super quickly.

Niki is a stay at home mom to these three little studs…

And Justin just walked away from a well-paying medical device sales job working way too many hours a week away from his boys so they could work AdvoCare together from home {and have WAY more time as a family}.

The Riats recently pinned DIAMOND in AdvoCare. And that’s a big, fat deal folks. Take a loot at our compensation plan and income disclosure statement and you’ll get an idea what that means. It says a lot about their leadership and even more about their hearts to help others. The only way you can accomplish something like that in AdvoCare is if you are helping a LOT of other people with their health & financial goals, and they are doing just that.

They had their diamond celebration on Wednesday, October 28th with one of our favorite corporate staff members. We jumped on the chance to go celebrate them because 1. We LOVE them and are so, so proud of their accomplishments, 2. If you get a chance to hear Rick Loy speak, you go, 3. Lots of our favvvvvorite people were also going to be there, & 4. It’s a gorgeous drive from Georgia to Indiana.

We had a litttttle bit of drama trying to rent a car (there was only ONE in the whole city…and it was a truck… & Jonathan had an expired license), but we finally got it worked out. It was almost comical. We dropped the boys off at my mom’s and drove the beautiful 6 1/2 hours up to Evansville.


We were so excited to be in the room for such an awesome event.



It was AWESOME hearing so many stories of lives that have been impacted…changed for the better… because of Justin & Niki’s YES.


We are so thankful for the positive impact they have had on our life. They challenge, encourage, and inspire us, and we are forever thankful they trusted us enough to join us on this journey. It is seriously a blast doing this business with your friends.


We drove to Nashville that night after the event to stop for the night. But that was only after we drove alllll over trying to find a car adapter that would let me plug my pump in to charge it since it died.  I HAD to pump ASAP. And Jonathan was hungry & grumpy had low blood sugar, so you can imagine how happy he was we were driving all over the place to find something we already own because I forgot to charge my pump at the meeting. I’m just here to tell ya, life with me is always an adventure! We finally found one at a random Wal-Mart at midnight (there is a time change too between here & Evansville). Good times. We were happy to see the hotel bed at 2am.

Congrats JUSTIN & NIKI and all of Team Riat. We are so proud of all of you and even more excited to see what the future has in store!

P.S. I think it’s safe to say the boys had a good time at Grammy’s while we were gone on our quick trip. Jase recently had ANOTHER growth spurt and outgrew all his pajamas, so he was rockin some Christmas pjs painting his Halloween pumpkins.


And this cutie…well, he’s just a doll baby.


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