Monday, November 16, 2015

Kade’s 21st & 22nd Weeks!!

This little sweet thing turned 21 weeks on 11/8 and 22 weeks on 11/15. He was 5 months old on November 14th. Sweet as ever!


Weight/Height: At his 4 month checkup on 11/11 he weighed 14.8 lbs (20%) and was  26” (64%). His head was 16 3/4 (38%). I am going to monitor his weight because I weighed him at 14.8 at 18 weeks, so that means his weight gain has slowed over the last few weeks. Dr. Carey said he is long & lean.


Health: Kade had his 4 month check-up on Wednesday, 11/11. He received 2 vaccines – 1 oral and 1 shot. He did great with them! Our only concern at all is that he has sensitive skin (like Jase) & boogies in the nose. Other than that, he is perfectly healthy- praise the Lord!


I do think he has a little bit of reflux, but nothing bad enough for meds. I use gas drops as needed, keep him upright after he eats, and put his mattress on a slight incline.

Recently started using Zarbee’s multivitamin with iron because it doesn’t have the dyes & artificial colors.

Sleep: We moved Jase to a 4 hour schedule around this time so I’ll probably start working on that soon. Right now we’re still 3.5/4 hour schedule. We start the day at 8:30 am. He typically has a 1 hour 45 minute wake time. He is waking up at midnight to eat. Unfortunately he eats a good bit, so he fills his diaper and it wakes him up around 3 am. I have to change his diaper and he does NOT like that!! He gets FIRED up & then I have to nurse him again to calm him down. We always lay him down on his back but he rolls back and forth a good bit so we don’t roll him back over if he ends up on his tummy. If he wakes up

He usually takes at least one really great uninterrupted nap every day. Sometimes I have to help him go back to sleep during a nap or two, and sometimes he’ll sleep really well for morning & afternoon naps. He will catnap in his car seat, but won’t sleep in there for an extended period of time.

Nursing: Well, my pump battery finally bit the dust. I followed all of the troubleshooting techniques but ended up having to buy another battery. He doesn’t have teeth yet, but he’s started biting at the end of a feed sometimes. He also gets distracted and pulls off, so I have to keep him focused. I’m wondering if maybe he’s not getting full feedings? That would explain waking for the nighttime feeding & not gaining enough weight.

What Kade is up to: Drooling everywhere & chewing on hands like crazy, but no signs of teeth yet. Rolling all over the place- tummy to back, back to tummy. Super content! My sweet, smiley baby. Awesome with independent playtime.  He seriously has the BEST fine motor skills I have ever seen on a 5 month old. He is also very strong. Prefers to be held straight up.Can hold weight in his legs & “stand up.” Would rather be on his tummy than sitting in the bumbo.

image imageimage

Post-Partum: I have had a little bit of joint pain & some muscle soreness lately- not sure if it’s because I haven’t been taking protein after workouts or if it’s just from pushing a little too hard with workouts. It takes a while after pregnancy for your body and everything that loosened & stretched to get back to normal. I’ve taken a few days off to try to rest some & have spent some time icing and on the foam roller to try to help.

I also had a 24 hour stomach bug earlier in the week. I haven’t had anything like that since I worked at a daycare the summer after I graduated high school! It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t fun. Thankfully the boys didn’t get it, but I had NO appetite and felt pretty crummy.

Big Brother Jase: Jase has always been sweet to Kade, but lately he has been showing him a lot more interest. He tries to “play” with him now & talks to Kade a good bit. He asks him to play with him & Kade lights up around Jase! He always smiles for him. When we are playing in the playroom, Jase will stop plating and run over to Kade and say “Hey Baby Kade…here’s a cookie.” (Sometimes he pretends he’s baking cookies and gives them to everyone.) Love seeing you guys interact more & I pray you always have a strong bond, have each other’s backs, and are best friends.


Thoughts: Sweet Kade, you are such a treasure. You are just confirmation that God always multiplies a mother’s love as the number of children grow. YOU are a blessing and a light in my life. I love that you always make other people smile with those sweet dimples and I pray your Daddy & I do our part in training you to be a WARRIOR for the Lord some day. Love you, my sweet, sweet boy. Watching you grow is SO much fun!

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