Sunday, November 1, 2015

Kade’s 18th ,19th, & 20th Week!!

I’m pretty sure you’re the sweetest lil ole thing I’ve ever seen! You are absolutely as sweet in person as you seem in your pictures. MELT.MY.HEART.


Weight/Height: You weighed 14.8 lbs the last time I weighed you on the scale (sometime in the 18th week when I started this post), but I would guess you weight over 15 lbs now. You seem super long too when I’m holding you to nurse you- you wrap halfway across my body. 4 month checkup is coming up soon…can’t wait to see how much you’ve grown! You actually turned 4 months on October 14th, so we’ll be a little behind.


Health: We took you to Athens to meet the pediatric neurologist and go over your official ultrasound results. Dr. Boydston was the sweetest man & his nurse was super nice too. Praise the Lord- after kissing you on the head about 15 times- he told us you were totally CLEAR!! The spot has pretty much closed up and your little tater looks perfect. Ultrasound was clear too. That is an answered prayer and we are so thankful for God’s faithfulness. Just another stone to add to our pile…

Other than that you are healthy as can be. Still always have boogies because your nostrils are so tiny.

We stopped breathing treatments a while back because you aren’t really coughing anymore.

You are drooling everywhere which makes me think we can expect some teeth soon.

Your skin is pretty sensitive too.

Sleep: Well, I decided to finally get a little more serious about a schedule after a few nights of you waking up a good bit. Thankfully I don’t feel too terribly exhausted because I sleep till about 8:30 and I get to take a nap in the afternoons sometimes when I have both of you down for a nap. But I do want to get you sleeping through the night soon.

I stayed home all day for two days and was really consistent with your schedule on 10/29 & 10/30. Thursday I put you down at 9:30, fed you again at 1:30 am and you slept till 8:30 am the next morning when I had to wake you up. The next night I put you down for the night around 9:45 and you slept till 5:30 am, I fed you, and you went back to sleep till 8:30 again when I woke you up for the day. We stayed out too late on Halloween night though and you didn’t get your naps during the day, so that ended our streak.

Moms, the key is a consistent start time to your day, full feedings, eat-wake-sleep, not too long of a wake time (to avoid being overly tired), consistent nap times during the day, avoiding overstimulation, not napping too much during the day, consistent bed time, nighttime routine, dark room, white noise,  & not always rushing in if they wake up. Easy enough, right? (Ha!) Really though, playing around with some of those things can help.

You will go almost right to sleep if I hold a “sleepie” (what I sleep with- a silky nightgown) over your eyes (but above your nostrils so you can breathe) for about 30 seconds. Funny, that’s exactly how I go to sleep.

Nursing: Nursing is still going well. You definitely had a favorite side for a week or so, but we evened things back out. I haven’t been pumping any lately to s tore up extra milk so I’m going to start that again in November. You do NOT like to nurse under a nursing cover.


What Kade is up to: You are a little roley poley…rolling back to front, front to back, over & over.

You have fun at Grammy’s house. Really, you have fun everywhere, but I especially loved this sweet smile.


You love your playmat.


You are chewing on your fists like crazy and have discovered how to suck your thumb. You still have the sweetest little demeanor and dimples, and you’ll pretty much smile at anyone talking to you.


When you get tired, you do try to turn your neck and look away while you arch your back.

First time in the bumbo. You LOVED it!


You have my head shape, but you look JUST like your handsome daddy!


Post-Partum: Jonathan said he’s noticed my tummy starting to flatten back out some. Not all the way, but some. And y’all, my belly button…well I am just not so sure that joker is ever going back in. Creepy.

I feel good though.

I still smell when I sweat which is new (must be hormonal? or maybe it’s my “crunchy” deodorant like Jon says).


I go to the gym a few mornings every week & you hang out with the boys.


Big Brother Jase: Jase is seriously CRAZY about you! He wants to hold you.


He wakes up in the morning asking about you and hollers downstairs “I’m coming brother! I’m coming to get you!” He likes to ask “Where’s brother at?” When I put you in your Halloween costume I said “Hey Jase, come look at brother.” He lit up with the biggest, most genuine smile and said “Oh momma, he’s so cute!” It was precious!


And I know this is way too many pictures, but they are all so cute I couldn’t post just one. I didn’t even pose these which makes them even sweeter.




Thoughts: You LOVE your family & they love you! You have the BEST aunts ever. And grandparents.


And you, my sweetheart, are going to CHANGE the WORLD.


I love being your mommy.

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LOVE the sweet bro pics. They are just too precious!!!