Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Healthy Holidays: A Guide to Not Gaining the Holiday Weight

Did you know that many people gain anywhere from 7-10 lbs over the holidays (from Halloween through New Years)?? I know it’s not hard to believe with all of the treats, multiple parties & get togethers, unhealthy options, stress, traveling/being on the go, and just plain ole overeating.

January is an AWESOME time to reset, and if you’re like me, you WANT to enjoy the holidays. But I DON’T want to gain that weight & push myself back even further from the starting line for January.

So we have a plan!! 

Here are a few products & tips that may help. We also have a FB group with encouragement, accountability, recipes, meal prep ideas, grocery lists, healthy treats, etc. for anyone who decides to join us.

Here are our FAVORITE “holiday helpers.”

  • Spark (helps with long-lasting energy & mental focus, sugar free, no crash…you’re just more productive, more focused, & don’t feel tired)
  • MNS C (this has your multivitamin & other goodies to fill in nutritional gaps, but also provides sustained release energy & additional appetite control)
  • Catalyst (helps preserve & maintain lean muscle, which we WANT)
  • Thermoplus (promotes healthy metabolism, helps convert fat into energy)
  • Carb Ease Plus (helps reduce the absorption and breakdown of carbohydrates and fat & helps reduce the negative effects of excessive carbohydrate consumption
  • FiboTrim (assists in the binding, transport and removal of dietary fats- so think fried foods, high fat foods, etc.)
  • Crave Check (6 hours of sustained- release appetite control, so you can take 2x/day to help you walk right past the dessert table)
  • Shakes (high protein, balanced & portion controlled meal that fills you up, tastes awesome, is great for on the go, and ensures you’re getting at least one healthy meal throughout the day)
  • Slim (supports appetite control & helps fight occasional drowsiness)
  • Clear Mood (helps brighten mood, supports sense of well-being, & provides support for relaxation)
  • Oasis (helps your body adapt to physical and other sources of stress…hellllllo holiday shopping, travel, & some family get togethers…think if it as a red wine without the alcohol)
  • Sleep Works (promotes better sleep by helping you fall asleep, stay asleep, and awaken refreshed)

You can pick & choose out of that list based on your specific needs and budget, or you can get them all as they work extremely well together too. (For example, Carb Ease & Crave Check are a MUST for me with my sweet tooth. I also LOVE Slim for an afternoon pick-me-up and to help with my nighttime snacking. Jon loves Carb-Ease and Fibotrim because he’s a meat and potatoes guy. He is more of a burger & fries than sweets guy. Spark & MNS are a no brainer.)

At the very least I recommend starting with Spark, MNS-C (3 boxes), and Carb-Ease. As a member, that is approximately $5/day for a 42 day supply.

If you want to make it most cost effective, you can become a member for $79 + tax & shipping. They will send you 3 boxes of Spark as part of your membership, so you can use those daily & it will get you through Christmas. The membership comes with your own (free) website, so you can log in and order your other goodies for a 20% discount. (You can get a deeper discount if you want & I’d be glad to explain that, but it starts at 20%.) You’ll see the discount applied in your shopping cart every time you order, and it’ll ship to your door from FedEx in about 2-3 days. And just to clarify, there are NO monthly minimums, quotas, or autoships. You choose what, how often, if, and when you order. Here is the link if you decide to go that route: Become a Member

*If you need more specific guidance about which products are best for your needs, we’d be glad to help make some recommendations & coach you through based on your goals.


I know lots of people need a game plan, so here is what Jon’s day looks like with those products. It really becomes a daily regimen & is worth it for the awesome results & feeling so good by putting great nutrition into your body. (FYI: You still eat balanced meals & snacks every 3 hours and drink a lot of water. This is not a substitute for healthy eating…they are meant to supplement & HELP.) Also, remember we will add you to our FB group if you decide to give it a shot and there are lots of awesome resources there too.

-upon rising: drink Spark + Rehydrate combo, MNS “before” pack, 3 Catalyst & 1 Thermoplus

-30 minutes later: eat breakfast & take both “with breakfast or lunch” MNS packs

-2 hours later: healthy snack

-30 minutes before lunch: final MNS pack

-Eat balanced lunch

-2 hours later: either a 2nd Spark or Slim

- 30 mintues before workout (Performance products + 3 Catalyst)

-Healthy Dinner *use Carb-Ease (immediately before high carb meal or cheat) and Fibotrim (10-15 before high fat meal) as needed

- After dinner snack: Muscle Gain shake

- Before bed: 3 Catalyst, Sleep Works and/or Nighttime Recovery depending on the workout

*Clear Mood (1 capsule 1-3x/day) and Oasis as needed & can be fit in anywhere during the day. Clear Mood is a capsule and Oasis is a drink. Oasis is more for a specifically stressful event- like driving in Atl traffic, going to the airport, holiday shopping, etc, whereas Clear Mood is more for an overall mood brightener.

A few other tips:

  • moderate exercise/be active (you don’t HAVE to hit the gym as hard, although of course the more you do, the better…but make an effort to move & be more active. walk your dogs, chase your kids/nieces & nephews – they’ll love it- take the stairs, park far away, etc.)
  • eat before you go to parties
  • fill up on protein & veggies first
  • eat small portions
  • don’t drink your calories
  • eat breakfast
  • eat balanced meals (don’t skip meals to “save room”)
  • drink your water
  • get enough sleep
  • meal prep
  • be the one to bring the healthy dish to the get together (I’ve got some yummy healthy treats if you click on my recipes in the label cloud, or you can search through Pinterest for a ton of ideas)

{I wrote a post a couple years ago with healthy holiday tips…you can read it here!}

Ohhhhhhh yea….tis the season for GINGERBREAD BARS!!! We always stock up on these bad boys because they are our FAVE & they usually sell out really quickly. We get enough to last us through the whole year. (This picture is from last year…we ordered even more this year. Ha! They make a great stocking stuffer, teacher gift, etc.) They are the BEST heated up for 8-10 seconds. Pretty much melt in your mouth…and that’s an awesome treat with 11 g of protein & only 170 calories.

Happy, HEALTHY holidays!!


Unknown said...

I use a lot of advocare products, but have recently stopped taking Spark. I'm concerned about the sucralose in it. What are your thoughts? Thanks!

Unknown said...

Hey! I'm interested in crave check & slim. I want something that will help with weight loss but not "diet pills". Would these products be something that would work? I look forward to hearing from you.