Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

We aren’t really big Halloween people. For the past two years we’ve had sweet friends let us borrow costumes, so we have dressed the babies up.

Here is Jase (left) in his pumpkin costume at 5 months and Kade (right) at 4 months. Sweetest little pumpkins!

Normally we take them to the church Fall festival, but this year we were in Indiana. Actually, last year on Halloween we were on a marriage retreat & missed it then too.

Anyway, we decided since we missed the Fall festival we would meet up with my family and go trick or treating in a local neighborhood. We won’t do that again. Not to sound like prudes, but Jonathan & I both felt pretty uncomfortable and after talking it over decided it was just not something we want to be a part of ever again. I was sad to see pretty much every parent walking their child around with a drink in their hand. Several people handing out candy were drinking too. I’m not sure if it was just this particular neighborhood or if that has become the norm, but it seemed a little sad. And I’m not 100% anti drinking or anything, but it just felt very wrong. (It got worse after dark. It was still okay when it was light out.)

I did enjoy seeing the costumes and Jase enjoyed his few pieces of candy.

He wasn’t digging his costume at first, but he got used to it.  He was the cutest little Bob the tomato from Veggie Tales!


I did like him practicing his manners. He has the sweetest little voice & I love hearing him say please, yes sir/ma’am, and thank you.


Maybe next year we’ll find a trunk or treat at a church or something.

On the plus side, we did use some of his candy as treats to help start potty training. Day 1 was a success! Post to come on that.


Christi said...

My kids are 15,13 and 11 and though I don't really enjoy trick or treating I've never seen people drinking while doing it, this year fell in a huge football game so we did see a lot of tvs in garages! :) our town didn't have a lot of trunk or treats until recently but I feel like my kids are about done with trick or treating. I've offered to buy their favorite treats and have their friends over for a meal and friend time. So many houses don't participate now, too.

Anonymous said...

Surpringly I saw many people walking around this year, drinking while taking their kids out. It seems tacky & in bad taste to me but to each his own. I enjoyed watching my girls trick or treat sober thank you very much ;)
And Jase looks precious!

Cheryl said...

Oh my word...head to a different neighborhood!!!! We don't have anything like that going on around here....different part of the country though. In our big subdivision, people sit on their front porch, starting's very fun. Lots of cute little ones and their parents out and about. I wouldn't appreciate the drinking at all but hopefully that isn't the norm where you are from but maybe just the area you went trick or treating in?