Monday, November 2, 2015

Celebrating Michael

This was the second year celebrating Michael’s birthday since he passed away. My family all agreed that this year seemed tougher than the last for some reason.

I miss my brother.

Sometimes I see someone at the gym who resembles him and it takes my breath away.

My heart hurts so bad for my parents. For his wife. For my nieces and nephews who have to grow up without their dad. My siblings and I are all very close, so it has been tough on us girls too. I pray for them all every day, and the only thing I can say is I am thankful the Lord promises to be close to the brokenhearted and to comfort those who mourn.

I can’t watch this too often, but it is a sweet video with some very happy memories. Michael was a really great son, husband, brother, dad, and friend.

Grief is such a complex thing, and I may write a blog post on my experience with it if I can get around to it and find the words.

It just really, really sucks. I don’t even like to say that word (my mom never let me say it growing up), but I don’t know how else to describe this situation.

Michael was a Halloween baby, so on Halloween my whole family met at the cemetery to celebrate him and his life.

His little girl made him a cake all by herself. I said a prayer for everyone. (That was tough. I didn’t know if I’d be able to get it out.) And we all wrote on balloons and released them together.

My sister took some pictures.

All the balloons stayed together for as far as we could see them.

This is Michael’s little family. Please say a prayer for them…Ragan, Trey, Madison, Carsyn, & Presley.

We miss you, Michael. Happy Birthday.


Cindy said...

Thanks for sharing the sweet memories. That was not easy I'm sure. Prayers for you all.

Ashley said...

I grieve with you - truly. I am so deeply sorry for your loss!

Champion on a journey said...

Oh Danielle, bless your heart!!! My heart hurts for you and your whole family. Prayers from TN sweet girl!!!