Monday, September 28, 2015

Kade is 15 Weeks!!

Hey buddy! You turned 15 weeks on Sunday, 9/27. It has been such a sweet 3 1/2 months with you!!

Weight/Height: You weighed 13 lb & 8 oz. at our appointment on Monday, 9/21. Big boy! And you are  SOOO long!


Health: You had your first cold this week. Boo! Sunday evening you started coughing a good bit & it almost sounded like you were choking on mucus a few times while you were sleeping. It sounded pretty bad so we decided I needed to call the pediatrician first thing Monday morning. They told us to bring you in ASAP because you’re so little, so we went right in that morning while Jase stayed home with Daddy. They tested you for RSV and thankfully that came back negative. Dr. G (not our normal doctor, but she was great) said she did hear some wheezing and wanted to try a breathing treatment and listen again. You didn’t have a fever, so she said it was probably just some nasal congestion that was causing coughing as well since all of your little systems are so tiny & connected. (Jase had a cough he shared with you. Glad he loves to share, just wish it wasn’t germs!) The breathing treatment worked, so she told us to do a few treatments each day for two weeks.

We’ve had some beautiful weather, so we sat on the back porch to do treatments. She said we could do up to 4 a day, but we’ve only been doing 1 because it seems to be helping and you sounded so much better so quickly. A few times this week I used the bulb to get extra mucus out of your mouth.


You do great with your treatments. Dr. G said we’re blessed to have such a content baby (we already knew that too).

Sleep: Well I always lay you down in your crib, but you prefer to nap in our room. You really like to be close to me or at least smell me when you sleep. At night, you go down around 9 pm and sleep on your own in your crib till about 12:3o/1. You typically nap for about an hour and half when we’re at home for naps. If you get overstimulated or I miss your sleepy window, you cry for about a good 10 minutes before I can get you settled. I hold you tight, walk around with you, and sing “Lord I need you.” Your wake time length is typically 1 hour & 45 minutes – 2 hours. It was encouraging to me to look back on weekly updates with Jase and see that I hadn’t really been successful on putting him on a schedule yet at this point, so there’s hope! I’m going to really get more serious & consistent so you’ll be sleeping through the night for Grammy before we go on our big out of town trip in December.

Nursing: Nursing was a little bit of a challenge this week with your cold. You were fussy at the breast & preferred the bottle, so I pumped for you a good bit. I was nervous that you were beginning to prefer the bottle to breast because it’s less work for you, but after reading up on it I decided it was probably just related to the cold. You also had some tough gas this week and I used gas drops at least once almost every day (usually at night) because I could tell you were so uncomfortable. I tried thinking about what I was eating that could have caused it, and the only thing I could come up with was a ton of veggies. The gas drops helped almost immediately.

What Kade is up to: You are in the beginning of a Wonder Week leap…woo hoo!


Even during a leap, you are still such a happy baby. That is definitely an answered prayer for our family.You are super content on your own for independent playtime. You really like your playmat and you’re doing great with tummy time.

You LAUGHED for the very first time on Thursday, 9/24 while we were eating with your Papa and Aunt Jade at Red Lobster. You were in your carrier and I was playing with you. You’ve been talking/cooing, but this was a legit little laugh. It was SO precious!!

Post-Partum: Thankfully the weird sweating has stopped. I do still smell kinda funky after a workout, and before I never really stunk when I would sweat…but at least I’m not sweating excessively anymore. I still have a belly, and even though I’m only about 2-3 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight, my tummy is not all the way flat yet. My belly was flatter at this point post-pregnancy with Jase.  Also, I don’t think it’s pregnancy related, but I do think I am starting to get arthritis in my right hand.

Big Brother Jase: Every week I post the same thing, but Jase really is the sweetest big brother to you. Every morning he wakes up and the first thing he asks is “Where is brudder?” and says “I wanna see him.” You have also started smiling at him a good bit. I pray there is no jealousy and always a strong bond between you two. I am also starting to see more differences in your looks as you grow older.


Thoughts: Hey sweet angel! We go this Thursday for the ultrasound on your head. I truly feel like it’s just  delayed closure and I’m expecting a good report, but it’s a great reminder to constantly put our trust in the Lord. We have been covering you in prayer.

We are SO thankful for the gift the Lord has given us in you. You bring so much JOY!

And I also think you look a lot like your beautiful Grandma.


Love, love, love you Mr. Kade!!

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