Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Kade is 11 Weeks!!

Hi Kade! You turned 11 weeks old on Sunday, 8/30 …I can hardly believe it! This is all about your sweet tenth week.

Weigh/Height: We are heading to the pediatrician this week for your 2 month checkup (& shots…boo!). Can’t wait to see how much you’ve grown! We are about 2 weeks late.


Health: So you definitely have a little bit of a dairy issue. We took Jase out for ice cream the other day and I had a small cup too. That evening you had a major blow out!! That never happens (especially since we’ve moved you up a size in your diapers), and now I feel pretty confident that is the issue. You didn’t sleep well that night either.  I do drink shakes that have dairy and they don’t bother you, but the few times I have had ice cream I have noticed an issue with your tummy afterwards. I don’t eat much dairy other than the occasional ice cream or Greek yogurt, so it’s not a huge deal.

Your nails grow so fast and you hate for me to cut them!

Your cradle cap is still pretty bad on top, but when I scrub too hard your hair falls out. So, either bald on top or some scaly skin?

Sleep: You have been mostly sleeping in your crib and have taken a couple of awesome (long) naps this week. You still like to be swaddled and like that paci till you fall asleep. I have a feeling you’ll be a tummy sleeper, but I don’t feel comfortable with that quite yet. You can roll over so we have to keep an eye on ya. I keep a movement monitor on you and we’re going to move you Angel Care monitor from the pack n play in our room to your crib in your room. Your room is so peaceful! I need to do a “Kade’s Nursery Tour” post.


You are waking up 1-2 (usually one) time during the night. You’re on a pretty consistent schedule, but I am not NEARLY as hard core as I was with Jase. I can’t remember when he started sleeping through the night…I’m thinking around 4 months when I got really consistent with his wake time and focused on full feedings.

Nursing: Mom bought me a nursing tank and nursing bra that let me pump hands free….and y’all, THEY.ARE.AWESOME!! I don’t know why I didn’t get them sooner (oh wait, maybe because I’m cheap), but goodness they make life SO much easier! I am pumping a LOT more this go round.  I pump after the morning feeding and again at midnight.  I also pump if we’re going somewhere (like to church or out to eat), and I think all the extra pumping on top of nursing has really helped with my supply. I drink Mother’s Milk Tea every other day also and about once a week make a treat with Brewer’s Yeast. Typically I just make these and add about 3-4 tsp to the mix before rolling them into balls. Right now I store an extra 10 oz or so each day so I’ve got a pretty good stockpile going.

I really am so thankful I am able to nurse and have not been so grumpy about it lately. I know that sounded so bratty.

What Kade is up to: You are such a smiley, happy little guy! Your dimples MELT my heart! Seriously…I could just eat you up.


You’re still doing the normal baby stuff….eat, poop & pee, smile at everyone who talks to you, coo, enjoy a little tummy time, sleep, repeat.

PostPartum: Nothing really new with me. I did read the other day that losing weight too fast after having a baby can release toxins, which ultimately end up in breast milk if you’re nursing. Slow and steady wins the race.(Random, but wanted to share. And hoping I didn’t lost too quickly.) I’m still not quite at pre-preg weight & my tummy isn’t all the way back to being flat yet, but I could care less about that right now. What is weirding me out is that my belly button hasn’t gone back to normal yet! Yikes! I also was doing a self check breast exam the other day and found a lump. I felt like it was too high up to be a milk duct, but I didn’t feel it the next day so I think that’s what it was. I will probably go get it checked out anyway. Not knowing family medical history and having a history of having a lump (I had a needle biopsy and it was fine) means that I try to stay on top of anything out of the ordinary.

Big Brother Jase: Your brother has been especially loving with you this week! He laid down next to you on your mat one day and said “take our picture daddy.” He gets really excited when I bring you with me into his room to wake him up in the morning and from his nap. He still talks to you in the funniest little voice, and he wants to “hold you brudder” and hold your hand. He is always really concerned about you too. I love that he is such a sweet and loving big brother & can’t wait to watch you guys interact as you grow.

Thoughts: You are SO loved, sweet angel! And you bring so much JOY to our family. We love you more than words can say…



Cindy said...

Yes, a nursery tour please! I enjoyed Jase's.

Soleta Norris said...

Our pediatrician told us to use Head and Shoulders shampoo once a week on the cradle cap and it works!

Anonymous said...

Coconut or olive oil helps with cradle cap. Hope the lump is nothing, good for you for being pro active and checking.