Monday, August 3, 2015

Kade’s 7th Week

Hi Kade! You turned 7 weeks old on Sunday, 8/3. …I can hardly believe it! This is all about your sweet seventh week.

Weight: I weighed you at home today and you weighed 11.2 oz. Are you really gaining almost a pound a week?? We go back to the doctor soon for your 2 month visit, and I’m anxious to see what you weigh on their scale and how much you have grown.

Health: All is well! You have a little cradle cap. Daddy and I thought your soft spot looked a little funny one day, but we decided it was just the way the light was hitting it. Thank you, Lord, for a healthy little guy!


Sleep: You sleep great in your car seat and when being held. I tried putting you in a Woombie one day this week and you rolled all the way over in it, so that’s out. You took one really long nap in the swing, but pack n play naps aren’t the best other than that first morning nap. When we get back from Texas it’s game on moving you to your crib and getting you on a more consistent schedule. For now though…newborn snuggles? I’ll take what I can get because I know “it won’t be like this for long.”


What Kade is up to: We went to Dahlonega to visit Papa & Aunt Jade. Turns out you aren’t camera shy! Look at you, my alert little buddy!


We also went to your FIRST birthday party to celebrate your cousin DJ turning 2. You partied hard…& by that I mean you snoozed the entire time. You seemed unamused by the party hat too. Ha! I know Granddaddy & your Aunts enjoyed some snuggle time!!




Other than that you like you be held, you are smiling and starting to coo, and you have a serious grumpy face you make sometimes. I think you get that from me. (oops.)

PostPartum: I had a much better week this week and didn’t feel quite so overwhelmed. Even though I was exhausted last week, it helped getting some things knocked off my to-do list. Plus I got to work out twice this week, an that always brightens my mood. Although I would have liked to squeeze 1-2 more workouts in, I’ll take what I can get for right now while it’s so crazy hot out & while Jonathan is so busy.

Big Brother Jase: He still talks to you in the sweetest little voice, and I let you guys “lay together” on the floor in his room while I’m changing his diaper. Jase puts his arm around you and lets you use his arm for a pillow. It is PRECIOUS. He also tries to share food with you and likes you give you hard squeezes of love sometimes, so we are reminding him to be gentle. He’s also pretty obsessed with talking to you about drinking milk & has said some pretttty funny things!



Here is your daddy on the left and your mama on the right. You definitely look like him, but I think you get that strong neck & alertness from me.


You are so precious and uniquely YOU…and we are SO thankful for you!! We can’t wait to see your personality continue to develop. We already feel like you’ve been here all our lives & you fit in our family beautifully.



Anonymous said...

Try a rock n play for nap time! I never used one until my third baby and had heard many many wonderful things about them.
Our little guy loved his rock n play for naps and even would sleep in it for the first half of every night.

Summer Stewart said...

Yes the rock n play is amazing!!! Worth every penny!!