Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Kade is 8 Weeks!!

Hi Kade! You turned 8 weeks old on Sunday, 8/9. …I can hardly believe it! This is all about your sweet eighth week.

Weight: Still wearing 0-3 months clothing and size 1 diapers. Over 11 lbs now though for sure! And you are so long!! I have a feeling you’re going to be tall like your brother.


Health:  You had another wonder week, but didn’t seem grumpy. You still have boogies all the time. You have a little bit of cradle cap but not too too bad.

Sleep: We had a few really good nights, and you are sleeping pretty well for naps right now alone in your pack n play.You did sleep “on the go” a good bit while we were traveling, but you stayed on schedule for the most part.  We will probably move you to your big boy crib this week.


What Kade is up to: You went on your first trip and got your first pair of wings! You did AWESOME on your flight and several people commented that you are a great baby. You were awesome in Texas! We are so proud of you and so thankful for such a sweet baby.


You are really startiing to smile and coo more. It is precious!

Still our strong baby and you look like such a big boy.

You got lots of attention from sweet friends and family this week while we were in Texas.


You’re a snuggle bug and always happiest when I’m holding you.

PostPartum: I still get crazy hot sometimes and can’t stop sweating. It was a nice 106 in Texas this weekend, and you better believe I was in full force sweat mode. It was gross. I still feel great though. I am hanging on to about 5 lbs of extra weight and I still have a little tummy. I also have some loose skin on my belly, but I know over time it will flatten back out and the skin will firm up. My hair is growing crazy fast which means roots.

Big Brother Jase: Jase is a proud big brother. He likes to help us push you in your stroller and likes to try to share with you. He also wants to hold you and help carry you around. If you’re ever crying in the car he says “Mama! Paci! Brudder needs his paci….hurry!” Hahah!


These pictures crack me up. He loves you so much, and you look totally terrified!


Thoughts: Well family pictures just got a little more interesting!


I wasn’t ready to leave you yet, so we brought you to Texas with us. You were an awesome little traveler! You are such a sweet, content baby and you fit right in our family. We LOVE you so very much and can’t wait to continue to watch your sweet little personality develop. Sweet angel baby, you have our hearts and we are so thankful the Lord chose you for us and us for you.

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