Sunday, August 30, 2015

Kade is 10 Weeks!!

Hi Kade! You turned 10 weeks old on Sunday, 8/23 …I can hardly believe it! This is all about your sweet tenth week.

Weight: You’re almost 13 lbs now and we moved you to a size 2 diaper. That didn’t take long! I have a feeling you’re going to catch up to your brother quickly.

Health: We are running a few weeks late on your 2 month appointment, but everything seems to be going well. You are a very content little guy!

You do still have cradle cap. I’ve tried scrubbing it with a toothbrush and coconut oil, but it keeps coming back. I know you’ll outgrow it so it doesn’t really bother me. Especially when you’re constantly making these sweet faces that totally distract us from any cradle cap…


You have started sucking on your hands more & they get kind of stinky because you keep them in fists. Shew!!

I think it bothers your tummy when I eat dairy so I’ve been avoiding it.

Your skin on your arms and legs stays pretty dry. I’m not sure what the culprit is- my diet? your baby wash?. I just ordered some new non-toxic baby lotion, so hopefully applying that will help.


Other than that, you are a healthy growing boy & we are so thankful for that!!

Sleep: You slept in your crib for the first time this week. (I didn’t camp out on your floor like I did with Jase.)  I put you up there for a couple of naps during the day, and eventually at night too.


You are still waking once during the night to eat & I have to go in your room periodically to give you your paci and do a little “shhh” & pat during naps sometimes. You wake lots of times about 45 minutes into the nap. Good ole 45 minute intruder!

We are still using the swaddle the hospital gave us (you are way too long for any swaddles we have) and the Levana movement monitor. We have an Angel Care monitor too, but it’s still set up in the pack n play. We need to move it to your room. We have a fan going for white noise and a sound machine like we used for Jase.

You definitely prefer being swaddled and snuggled up, but there have been a few times you’ve fallen asleep somewhere else. I could seriously stare at you sleeping all day.


Nursing: Nursing is going SO much smoother this time around!! You eat every 3.5 hours or so and eat for about 10-15  minutes. I pump after your morning feeding because I am normally pretty full, and I pump again around midnight. We are going on a  trip in December so I am working to pump plenty of milk for you.

What Kade is up to: I finally got around to taking your 2 month pictures.






Your resting face looks a little grumpy (ha!), but you are seriously an angel baby. I keep telling everyone our next one will probably be wild as a buck because you and Jase both have been the easiest babies.

You are so sweet and content, and I love seeing your little personality start to shine. You have such an easy going demeanor and everyone comments on what a good baby you are. You cry if I wait too long to change or feed you (although you’re pretty patient) and if you’re overly tired. You smile pretty much every time someone talks to you. We pray you always bring this much joy to others. And those dimples- I could EAT them up!


You are very strong and still lifting your head up very well.

PostPartum: This is so random, but when I sweat now, I stink. I have always been a sweater, but it has never really smelled. I know that’s kind of weird and gross, but I’m thinking it must be related to hormones?

I still have some loose skin around my belly and a little tummy pooch, but considering the torpedo, nothing too bad.

I feel pretty good. A little tired from chasing around a 2 year old and a 2 month old, but nothing a little Spark can’t handle.

Big Brother Jase: You two brothers…goodness gracious! Y’all MELT my heart! I have a feeling our future with you two will be pretty much summed up by these two pictures…

The torture…


And the best of buds. (I didn’t tell Jase to hold your hand- he did that on his own. He sure does love you, ya know.)


Thoughts: Oh my sweetness!! You are spoiling us, sweet Kade. You are PRECIOUS. I know I keep saying over and over what a sweet baby you are, but it’s just the truth. You are EXACTLY what our family needed and have been such a blessing. You bring us so much joy. It has been a little bit of a rough year, and you, my sweet boy, have been such a light to all of us. God knew that. I am so proud to be your mom.

And I love watching how much your daddy loves you. You look a lot like him too!


James 1:17 pops in my head every time I think of you…

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