Sunday, August 16, 2015

Being a Godly Husband

A few years back I wrote a post called Being a Godly Wife that pretty much went (unexpectedly) viral. I have received a TON of feedback over the years- some negative, but mostly encouraging. I’ve also had several folks ask if Jonathan would be willing to share some thoughts  on being a godly husband. Although I knew he would have some great insight, he does NOT like to write, so I knew that was a long shot.  BUT, I did find some notes he typed up about this topic from when he spoke on a men’s leadership call last Fall and I wanted to share it with you guys. I wish you could have heard him speak about these things. My heart fluttered with pride listening to him & knowing he IS who he says he is when it comes to the things he shared.

Y’all, I have seriously hit the husband jackpot.

He’s not perfect, I’m not perfect, and our marriage is not perfect. Not even close. We fuss over stupid stuff (daily) and are both working and growing. (I have a lot more growing to do than him.) But I am so thankful every day the Lord chose Jonathan for me. I am thankful he encompasses so many of the attributes I prayed for in a husband before I even married him.

So, this was the best I can do…Just a rough outline of his notes from when he spoke on this call, but still a strong message.



Here are a few other things that I observe as his wife:

  • He prays with Jase before bed every night. Long, thorough prayers.
  • He prays out loud before every meal to give thanks.
  • He COVERS us in prayer. Basically, he is a prayer warrior & that is one of my favorite things about him.
  • He humbly and willingly serves in our home. He helps out a TON & I never have to ask.
  • He makes us feel safe.
  • He invests in himself physically and mentally. (He works out and reads a lot to take care of his temple and grow his mind.)
  • He surrounds himself with other men of quality.
  • He protects our home and doesn’t allow garbage in.
  • He keeps me in check, even when I don’t like it.
  • He always considers the best interest of our family & puts us in front of himself.
  • He is quick to serve and help others.
  • He is a crazy hard worker & is such an awesome example for others in this area.
  • He would dig ditches all day long if that’s what it took to provide for us.
  • He is a leader in our home, business, and church.
  • He is humble.

Jase & Kade- I know your Daddy is teaching you these things every day, and I know he’s leading by example in our home, but I wanted you to have this too so you know your daddy’s heart. He is a really great man and husband, and we are so BLESSED to have him. I pray you guys grow up to be just like him.


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