Friday, May 1, 2015

Books I’ve Read Lately

This is my reading list since about October-Novemberish. I don’t think I left any out? If you see any you want to read, I think you can click on the picture and order it. {By the way, if you haven’t already paid for an Amazon Prime account, I highly recommend getting one.}

As with every message, it’s important to read these books with an open heart and mind, seeking wisdom, but also knowing they are not THE ANSWER. They can definitely challenge you, add value, and share some perspective you may not have previously considered, but they are not the final authority- that comes from the Word of God alone. I take what I need out of a book, and that does not mean I always agree with every single thing the author writes. That’s okay. You can still gain some great insight & wisdom that will help you become a better version of yourself.


Created to Be His Help Meet

(still rereading- will really challenge you as a wife & change your perspective)

Her Husband is Known in the Gates

(still reading- excellent so far, especially if you have a particularly ambitious husband)

The Power of a Praying Wife

(nice ideas for specific prayers, but not as much depth as I was wanting)

52 Things Husbands Need from Their Wife

(again, solid, but short and not quite as challenging)



Keep It Shut

(much needed for me as the Lord is teaching me to guard my mouth)

The Best Yes

(HIGHLY recommend for all women!! I underlined pretty much the whole book)



The Legacy Journey

(HIGHLY recommend- this book was a follow up to The Total Money Makeover & was a GAME CHANGER for my thinking. Biblical perspective on wealth and finances as you start making your way through all of the baby steps)



Necessary Endings

(I know some people who could definitely benefit from this one. I know I needed this message about “pruning”)

The Heart of Leadership

(quick, easy, but powerful read)

Start with Why

(this is the KEY. so many times we are focused on the wrong things….the WHY should drive us)



To Train Up a Child

(again, some AWESOME concepts we pulled that are very much a common sense approach to parenting, but some was too intense for us)


On Becoming ToddlerWise

(follow up to BabyWise and Pre-Toddlerwise- some good concepts we’ve pulled from it, but some of it is a little too rigid for us)

Bringing Up Boys

(some great insights for sure & love the Biblically-based wisdom he shares from his experience as a family counselor and psychologist)



Natural Childbirth After Cesarean

(was some really helpful info, but overall I didn’t feel super encouraged and uplifted after reading it.)

Supernatural Childbirth

(VERY encouraging for moms at ANY stage in motherhood- not yet moms, pregnant, infertility struggles, miscarriages, fear of labor/delivery, struggling with morning sickness, etc. Loved hearing what the Scriptures say…)

Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way

(beware of the pictures. ha! highly recommend reading this if you are planning on a natural childbirth. do NOT attempt to “wing it”)

Husband Coached Childbirth

(this is for your hubby to read, and hopefully Jonathan will get a chance to freshen up on it soon)

The Bradley Method Student Workbook

(if you’re planning on doing the Bradley Method, I highly recommend taking a class and going through the workbook. The workbook is THE BOMB.)

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