Sunday, May 10, 2015

Baby Shower for Mr. Kade

We had the sweetest shower for Kade on Saturday, May 2nd. Thank you to Laura, Chelsea, and my fabulous mama for hosting. It was PRECIOUS and such a sweet time with some of my favorite ladies.

I never know who to invite to showers. I don’t want to be a burden and don’t want anyone to feel obligated to come or bring a gift (especially now that we are on #2), but I also don’t want anyone to feel left out. We are so thankful for everyone who took some time out to come by and celebrate with us. THANK YOU all for your sweet encouragement. It means more to us than you know to have you continue loving on us as our family grows.

We are decorating the nursery with a simple navy & white nautical theme, so that was the theme for the shower. My mom is seriously the party planning queen, so between her and Laura’s efforts and Pinterest, everything turned out BEAUTIFUL. Somehow I forgot a picture of the AWESOME food, but I can assure you it was a delicious brunch spread!! I also really loved the Scriptures in frames we plan to reuse in his nursery. Isn’t that a great idea to use decorations for a shower that can double as decorations in the nursery??


Tammie always gets the cakes for us. Is that not the cutest?


We received some precious gifts and some of the essentials I was really hoping to stock up on. Thank you again to everyone for being so thoughtful & generous.

Please excuse my pregnancy brain again as I let some people escape before getting pictures. Thank you to Dana, Megan, Deborah, Brigette, & Cayci for coming by too! (I contemplated stealing a picture from all of your FB pages & Photoshopping them, but then I remembered I don’t know how to use Photoshop. So, just know that I LOVE y’all and am so very thankful for each of you.)


So thankful for my sweet mom & sisters. They even clean everything up when they throw a shower at my house – jackpot, right??



Our Sunday School class also hosted a fellowship/diaper shower for us that evening. It was such a fun time & we always enjoy getting to know everyone better. I didn’t bring my camera and I left my phone in the car, so no pictures (boo!), but a HUGE thank you to everyone who helped put it together and spoiled us with goodies for Kade. We are beyond thankful for our class. It has been an answered prayer for sure, and everyone’s love & prayers mean so much. We are truly blessed with some of the most precious friends, family, & church family.

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