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AdvoCare Leadership School 2015- Frisco, TX

We traveled to Frisco, TX for AdvoCare’s Leadership School on April 23-26. I was 33 weeks pregnant so had to get checked out and get the okay from my doctor to make the trip. Everything looked good so OFF we went, and we had a BLAST!

The airport was pretty packed for a Thursday. We booked a little later flight than normal, so maybe that’s why. Jonathan gets a little bit stressed when we travel because he does NOT like traffic, lines, or crowds. Once we made it to the plane we were fine though and we both took a little nap. It’s only a 2 hour flight to TX- quick and easy. I didn’t really take any precautions this time (although here are my tips for flying while pregnant ) other than drinking LOTS of water, which naturally meant I had to get up to walk around and use the bathroom a few times.

I don’t really like carrying a purse, so mom bought this for me & I put it to use in the airport. It was definitely handy for license, credit card, boarding pass, & phone. I sent her this picture because I knew she’d be glad I was finally using it.


I did a terrible job remembering to get pictures with everybody, but here’s what I’ve got. Most of it I had to steal from someone else. Oops! I’ll do better next time!

When we arrived, we hustled to change and get ready for the President’s Party at Dave & Buster’s. The theme was “retro active wear,” and our team is hard core patriotic so we incorporate some good ole red, white, and blue any chance we get. Check out our last minute getup. We had pretty much all of that already, although the fanny pack (which was SERIOUSLY handy!) and socks (which were also MEGA comfy!) were new purchases.


Some of the fellas…


And the ladies..


One of the props from the photo booth. I had to.


I know she looks like a supermodel, but she’s actually a rock star mom of 3 boys under the age of 5 & helping LOTS of other families have crazy success with AdvoCare.



We LOVE Ryan & Dana and it’s so awesome that we get to see the Dosses at events! Makes it even more fun!


With my birthday twin!


Some of the team- LOVE these folks!


AdvoCare spoils us at the President’s Parties. They are always a blast and the food was really, really good. They gave us cards to play games but  we spent most of our time catching up with everybody.

Once all the partying was over, we got down to business getting our socks trained off for the next two days. This is always one of my favorite parts.


The twinsies.


There were baby bumps EVERYWHERE!!! One person suggested it was because the time/financial/debt freedom & personal growth helps lead to great marriages, and great marriages often means more babies. Someone else said it’s because we take the world’s best nutritional products and are in the best shape of our lives, so we can’t keep our hands off our spouse and THAT leads to more babies. I’m going to go ahead and go with a little of both…


{Yes, I rocked heels. And kept my lunch box with snacks on me at all times.}

Baby Kade sandwich! He doesn’t even know the beauty goin on outside of him.


Love the Michigan crew! Straight taking over.


The only picture I got of me and Jonathan the rest of the weekend. I am always impressed at Jonathan in a suit. STUD!! He has never owned a suit prior to AdvoCare, but he certainly wears one wellllllll.


Hands down one of the highlights of the weekend was hearing from Dr. Stanley Dudrick. If you don’t know who he is, take a few minutes to look him up. Dr. Dudrick helped pioneer TPN back in the 60’s, which is known to us as IV feeding. We tend to take his work for granted now because many of us (thankfully) don’t know life before that, but he was recognized in 2011 as his works have helped to save the lives of over 10 million babies!! He was so genuine and humble as he shared the story of how he came about researching and creating IV nutrition. He also shared why of all the companies he could have chosen to be a part of, he chose and stands by AdvoCare. I couldn’t hold back tears as we listened to him share his heart and passion, and I am so thankful for what he stands for. Personally, if this man is one of the minds putting together my products, it just furthers my convictions. Honestly, it makes me feel sorry for everyone who is missing out on the world’s BEST nutritional products because they read some blogger’s review (who is most likely trying to “sell” some other product anyway). {And yes, I know I am also just a blogger with an opinion too. That’s exactly why I want you to check out Dr. Dudrick’s credentials & reputation in the medical field. It is mind blowing.}


Many of the top athletes in the world choose AdvoCare because of the safety and efficacy. That has always stood out to me and Jon because many of these guys are multimillion dollar athletes and they CHOOSE AdvoCare- the very same products we have the opportunity to take. It was so cool to hear from some from a few of the top quarterbacks in the NFL as they shared WHY AdvoCare, leadership tips, and their favorite products.


Hey, hey, hey!! New & reformulated products. ALWAYS exciting!! Word on tha street is that Crave Check is the BOMB & everyone’s new fave. I SERIOUSLY need this in my life & can’t wait to try it. Peace out, sweet tooth.


More champions.


I left so rejuvenated and filled up, but one takeaway from the weekend was about “grit.” As a society, we are losing the grit factor and raising a bunch of wimps who quit when things get tough. This article pretty much sums it up. It is already hard for me (and Jase is only two), but I am going to do my best to make sure he grows to be a strong man of the Lord and he has “grit.”

Another big takeaway from the weekend was about our thinking. When the Lord is teaching me something, He usually does it from multiple angles. Through our Sunday School class, mentoring, a book I read recently, and now at AdvoCare leadership school, I am learning how IMPORTANT our thinking is in the outcomes of our life. “Your life will move in the direction of your most dominant thought.” The truth is, we absolutely have control of our thoughts, and I am learning to “take every thought captive.”

The logistics of the weekend were beautifully planned and everything was super smooth. (Other than the tornadoes parading through the area, but thankfully everyone was safe from those.)

I know I’ve said it before, but one of my favorite parts of AdvoCare is the people. We are so, so thankful beyond words for all of the sweet friendships we have made through being part of this company. I always look forward to events because it feels like a big family reunion! AdvoCare attracts the best of the best, and there are so many men & women who are part of this company that are champions in life. They are friends, leaders, and mentors that challenge us to grow and become better versions of ourselves so we can positively impact our families, churches, communities, and ultimately this nation.  That might be difficult to understand if you’re not a part of AdvoCare yet, but that is really the backbone of WHY we do what we do. Helping people get healthier & earn extra income so they have options is just an added bonus, right? Can’t WAIT for Success School!!

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