Thursday, April 30, 2015

#babybutlernumerodos is 34 Weeks!

Growth: 8 1/2 months pregnant! American Pregnancy Association says Kade is “Most likely somewhere around 17 ½ inches (44.5 cm) long and weighs around 5 to 5 ½ pounds (2.3 to 2.5 kg). He has also begun to fill out with the formation of fat under his skin. This is an important part of development because these fat stores will help him regulate his body temperature once the baby is born.The central nervous system is continuing to mature, and the lungs are well developed.”

My Symptoms: I feel GREAT! I honestly do not remember feeling this good last pregnancy, but I think a lot of it has to do with mindset too. I am so THANKFUL for this sweet baby and that has kept me focused on the blessings of pregnancy for sure. Plus, I’m busy with Jase and that is keeping me preoccupied. Honestly though, if it weren’t for this big belly, I think I would forget I’m pregnant because I really feel that good. As much as I loved my sweet kiddos when I taught, is it SO MUCH BETTER being at home this pregnancy and being able to create my own schedule. Jonathan is a HUGE help with Jase and around the house too, so that whole combination makes life pretty easy. The only symptom I can even think of is that I am starting to get more emotional. Noticing some faint stretch marks above my belly button. My skin is so thin there and he is pretty much all right there so I’m sure they’ll get darker. Last time they didn’t appear till right before and faded pretty quickly after. No swelling, leg/foot cramps, back aches, etc. And I have never really experienced the baby kicking me in the ribs, heartburn, or shortness of breath because of the way I carry. BUT, my belly button is scary looking and I do wonder if they might bust through there!

Weight/Baby Bump: About 21 lbs total. Still all out in front. You can barely tell from the front, but…

When I turn sideways though, BOOOOOOM!!!! Ain’t no denying it then. Torpedo belly in full force!

Gender: Sweet little fella.

Maternity Clothes: Mostly. The new workout pants are the bomb. I do wear some regular clothes too. Fashion is really low on my priority list, so basically I just try to not look like a scrub.

Movement: Running out of room! Movements are very intense and almost breathtaking. It is the craziest thing!! So, so cool!

Sleep: Sleeping decent, but I am alternating sides more often throughout the night. I nap while Jase naps during the day  if I need it. That means I’m not as productive, but, priorities. Let’s just say that everyone benefits when Mama gets a nap!

Cravings/Aversions: We ate Zoe’s Kitchen this weekend while in Texas! YUMMMM!!!! That was definitely a highlight.

Appointment: No appointment this past week. I got off schedule a little when I had to go get checked before flying out to Texas, but pretty soon I’ll start going every week! Getting real, folks.

Accomplishments: I finally registered!! I took Jase to Target and Babies R Us with me earlier this week and it turns out I need way more than I realized. I registered way late so may not get anything on it, but at least I’ll have an idea of what we need to get.

Best Pregnancy Moment of the Week: We had such a wonderful week! We spent the weekend in Texas with our Advofriends and family, celebrated Braylon’s 2nd birthday with him, and had a park day with Vann & Dana.

Work Outs: I aim for body pump twice a week and yoga twice a week, and chasing Jase around in between.

Thoughts: Everyone has been so encouraging and loving this whole pregnancy and it really means so much. I appreciate everyone’s encouragement and PRAYERS more than they know.

We are so excited to be holding our sweet baby sometime in the next 6 weeks. I know it sounds cliché, but for real, this pregnancy has FLOWN by! How in the world is it already MAY?? I am so excited for newborn snuggles and that that sweet newborn smell!  So thankful for the opportunity to raise a champion man for the Lord.

Also, getting anxious/excited to see Jase as a big brother too. I keep talking to him about it. Not sure he gets it yet…ohhhhh, but he will! This should be interesting.

Feeling at total peace about labor and delivery, especially knowing I’m going to have some extra support this time from an awesome L&D nurse who will know my goals. I have a feeling how its going to go this time…but know the Lord might totally surprise me! Excited to see & honestly looking forward to it. No rush, though. I know every week is crucial to Kade’s development, so trusting God to send him at the perfect time.

Goals for next week: Order bedding. Start working on nursery. Plan Jase’s 2nd birthday party.  Start  getting out newborn goodies & think about loading the car seat in the car and packing a hospital bag! Fill out the online paperwork for the hospital. Whatttt?!?!

Comparison: Apparently I typed over this post. Boo!

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