Friday, March 13, 2015

#babybutlernumerodos is 27 Weeks!!

Well, I completely missed week 25 & 26. I’m officially 27 weeks & in the third trimester as of today! Here’s what we’ve been up to the last few weeks.



My Symptoms: I feel great! I know I am truly blessed to have great pregnancies and I am so thankful I enjoy being pregnant.  I am a little tired & I definitely get worn out quicker than normal, but that’s probably normal with a really active toddler anyway. it helps to take a short nap while Jase naps, and if I can squeeze it in that keeps me going till bed time. My belly button is so stretched out that sometimes it’s a little uncomfortable. Round ligament pain went away though- praise the Lord! Going to try to make it to the chiropractor for an adjustment soon.

Weight/Baby Bump: I’m up about 13-14 lbs at this point. My belly is serious business though!! I feel like it tripled in size of the past few weeks! I definitely look MUCH bigger from the side than I do from the front too. 

photo 4 (6)photo 5 (2)

{Ignore the awesome background. Jon is finishing the basement.}

Gender: Sweet little fella! Love being a boy mom & can’t wait to see these brothers grow up together. We do have name, so I’ll share that soon. It’s what I originally picked out and I guess it has grown on Jon. YAY!

Maternity Clothes: You know it! Nothing else is comfortable.

photo 2 (12)

Movement: Whoa!! I grow some seriously STRONG little fellas. Movement is outrageous, especially right in the center of my tummy around my belly button. He gets especially wild at night right before bed. Sounds familiar. (Jase is the same way.)

Sleep: Staying up too late. (Oops.) Switching sides a lot which means waking up every time to roll over. The organic tart cherry juice helps when I remember it. And it is SO refreshing! I slept like poo when we went out of town so I was glad to get home to our bed.

Cravings/Aversions: Sweets. Give me all the sweets!! Ha! Seriously though, after a weekend away, I am glad to be home and back on track.  I juice every day or every other day, and just made my first smoothie of this pregnancy. (I haven’t felt the need for them as much since I’ve been juicing.) French onion soup has probably been my favorite food this pregnancy, & I could eat Italian pretty much every day I think. I randomly craved Thai food one day so I made this. Other than that, I am not digging meat, but I’ve never really been a big meat eater anyway. I still get plenty of protein.

photo 3 (7)

Work Outs: I’ve been slacking a little on the workouts, but I’ve been chasing Jase around and playing with him a ton so that definitely makes up for it. If you know my Jase you know he is wide open & keeps me busy! Love all his energy. SO PUMPED about some warmer weather too & going on walks.

Seriously HAVE to get some yoga & stretching in my life. Stat.

I also read you’re not supposed to do front planks (oops- stopping those ASAP) and not supposed to hold your belly in. I have to be intentional about that because it’s just a habit and sometimes I don’t even realize I’m doing it. I’m not trying to suck in or anything, but I know it helps have a strong core, so I have trained myself to hold my abs in most of the time. Trying to untrain myself now.

photo 1 (10)

Goals for next week: Do some yoga/stretching. Start thinking about the nursery & registering. Announce the name. Get caught up on the blog. Finish taxes. (ummmm, this is the exact same list as my 24 week post because I haven’t done any of this yet…time to get on it!)

Thoughts: Only 12 weeks away!! I feel like this pregnancy has FLOWN by! I’ve had anxiety a few times about the labor/delivery and it’s always a great reminder to pray, pray, pray. I totally trust whatever the Lord has in store and cannot wait to see how He will be glorified through the birth story however it turns out. If there is one thing I learned with having Jase, it is that our God is sovereign. No amount of preparation, willpower, or prayer can make things go “according to your plan” when God has something different in mind. We are praying to be able to successfully VBAC (mostly because we both want a big family & aren’t sure yet how well my body heals internally from a c-section), but are open to whatever is going to get him here with both healthy mama & baby. Not excited that I’ll probably have to have an epidural and that I won’t be able to labor at home as long this go round.  I was 7 cm dilated before I even went to the doctor to get checked with Jase & they obviously sent me right to the hospital. I have a pretty high pain tolerance an had no idea I was so far along, so I am really hoping I am able to tell this time.

I have the glucose screening at my next appointment and we will start going every 2 weeks after this next appointment. Praying not to be GBS + this time either so I can avoid antibiotics. I am thankful for modern medicine, but would still prefer to avoid it and be as natural as possible.

No matter what, we cannot WAIT to meet our precious new blessing!! Newborn smell miiiiiiight just be my favorite smell in the entire world. I have never smelled anything sweeter than Jase as a baby, and I know I will feel the same way this time. Cannot wait!

Jase was a super easy angel baby, so I am looking forward to meeting #babybutlernumerodos and figuring him out. I know every child is different and I cannot wait to see his unique little personality!! I do e could be a totally handful, but we.are.ready. I do remember feeling a little zombie mode the first few weeks Jase was born & like I was nursing 24/7, so it’ll be interesting to see how that works with a really active 2 year old. Makes me even more thankful for a business that allows us both to work from home. I know Jon will be a huge, huge help (as he already is) and we have really supportive family & friends too.

We are getting ready to head to TX. Super excited to see lots of sweet friends!! I’ll be flying at about 33 weeks, but it’s a short, easy flight and my doctor gave us the okay. We recently had to decline a trip we earned from AdvoCare because I’ll be too far along to drive 8 hours from home.  A little bummed because the trips are AWESOME, but who can complain when you’ll be getting to snuggle a sweet newborn soon?? We earned Hawaii in 2013 and had to decline that because it was right around when Jase was born, so I just wanted to keep it fair game. Winking smile Now both of these boys owe mama & daddy a trip when they grow up!



Comparison: Well I guess I should include weeks 25, 26, & 27 since I’m so far behind!

25 Weeks Pregnant with Jase

26 Weeks Pregnant with Jase

27 Weeks Pregnant with Jase


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Anonymous said...

Hi! I had a very similar first birth experience with my son and so I totally relate to a lot of your feelings this pregnancy. You mentioned you will probably have to get an epidural during the birth of this baby. I was just curious as to why you say that? Just the other day I was wondering the same thing for our next and so it made me curious.