Wednesday, February 4, 2015

#babybutlernumerodos is 22 Weeks!

Baby Growth: Love our little spaghetti squash.


Almost a pound & around 11 inches. Looking more like a mini newborn!

I read something this week about the baby’s developing taste buds and that babies/kids enjoy the same types of foods you eat while pregnant with them (more specifically what you eat in the second and third trimester after the taste buds begin to form- thank goodness!). So interesting, right?? Mamas to be….that’s a good reason to step away from the doughnuts (or banana pudding in my case- total weakness) & pick up the broccoli.

My Symptoms: I have been pretty wiped out this week.  Well, straight exhausted if I’m totally honest. Jonathan’s dad has needed help at work so he’s been helping there & volunteering some time working at the church, which means me and Jase have been flying solo. We are so spoiled to having Daddy around and all of his help at home really makes a big difference. (More than I realized- really makes me appreciate him even more.) I also stayed up way too late a few nights this week getting things done, so I needed naps a few times this week. I still don’t feel quite rested even with the naps, so hopefully we’ll get back on track by the end of the week. Other than being tired though, I feel AWESOME!! Everything else is smooth sailing and feeling great. Praise the Lord!

Weight/Baby Bump: It feels JUST like a basketball! I am up about 6 lbs total I think? We’ll see at my appointment in a few weeks.



Gender: We have another sweet little man on our hands! Here is the Gender Reveal post. I am SO excited to be a mom of boys, and it’s a double plus they’ll be the same season & we can reuse all the clothes! I am not always a great planner, but that one sure worked out in our favor.

Maternity Clothes: I wore regular jeans last night and they were SO uncomfortable. Maternity clothes it is, folks!! (Bottoms anyway.) Even my favorite workout pants from Costco are getting a little uncomfortable so I’m having to wear the looser ones. I also had the opportunity to speak at an AWESOME FCA red carpet event my best friend put on for her college girls, so that meant I got to dress up and rock the dress I wore to the President’s Party when I was pregnant with Jase. Here is the picture from Jase…

And now with #babybutlernumerodos:


Movement: You can feel it from the outside now! I started this post on Tuesday and wrote that I don’t feel like he is quite as active as Jase was….and then Wednesday morning little man said, “I’ll show YOU, Mom!!” Moving around like a wild man! Little flutters all over & a few pretty intense moves I caught on video to send Jon.

Sleep: I am having some craaaaaazy dreams! Whoa! And one morning I woke up from a deep sleep because I thought Jonathan was saying “mom, mom, mom” but it turned out to just be him breathing. So random. Enjoying my afternoon naps too while Jase is napping. I have needed them this week. Love the sweet reminders.

Cravings/Aversions: Nothing in particular. We are enjoying mixing it up & trying new things from our organic produce deliveries. Also, lesson learned: Do NOT do your grocery shopping while hungry AND pregnant. Bad combo. Let’s just say we might have gone over on our grocery budget for February already…and we’re not even one week in. Oops.

Work Outs:  Getting in some good workouts this week. Loving body pump right now even though I have a love/hate with the new release. I always feel SO much better when I work out. I need to get better about stretching though because my lower back has had a little bit of discomfort.

Goals for next week: Some nesting has begun!! I am ready to start working on the nursery!! Andddd I have finally dug everything out to get to work on Jase’s baby book. A little late, but thankfully I have pretty much everything documented on the blog. So I want to work on those few things & wrap up our taxes.

Thoughts: Do you register for a second baby??

Also, I just wanted to document how much I loooooooove being pregnant. I mean really, really LOVE.  I think I am hesitant to talk about how amazing I feel & how happy I am being pregnant  because I know some ladies who are absolutely miserable being pregnant and some who can’t get pregnant at all. I never want to make them feel uncomfortable. But, if you ever think I have a pregnancy glow, I assure you that it is just coming from the inside out because it is such a JOYOUS time in my life. (We want a big family, so I think this is one way the Lord has shown some favor & making it a little easier on us. Jon probably wouldn’t be on board if I was whiney and hated it.) It’s crazy…when you read some of the symptoms all of my pregnancy apps talk about, they make it sound miserable. And don’t get me wrong- it’s not all grapes & lollipops. (That’s a Jon Butler original, FYI.) But man, my heart is so full being pregnant! I love knowing I’m getting to grow one of God’s precious miracles, and it is just such a sweet, sweet time to me. Strangers are nice & helpful & make conversation about the baby, so that’s a nice change too.

Being a mom so rewarding & fulfilling, so the anticipation of knowing we get to meet our next precious baby is just a super exciting time.

Also, looking at my pregnancy app and seeing only 18 weeks left makes this feel very REAL!!


The first pregnancy really seemed to drag on, but I feel like this go round is FLYING! Thankful for another healthy baby & feeling great.

22 Weeks Pregnant with Jase


And 22 weeks with #2…



Mary said...

Such a great post Danielle!!! You look great!! I definitely registered for baby #2!! Every baby deserves to be celebrated:) And friends and family will want to pamper you too!

Pamela said...

you're so gorgeous! Love the one shoulder dress on you!

Anonymous said...

I just have to comment to tell you how happy you sound. I mean, I know that you strive to always have a positive presence on this space but you can feel your excitement through your words!

I don't comment very often, so let me take this time to wish you a happy and healthy rest of your pregnancy. And many more to come!

Christina McGuire said...

Congrats! Catching up right now on all of my favorite mama bloggers! :) Very happy for your family.

I am also expecting! (Our second daughter)
I just wanted to add that I feel exactly how you do about pregnancy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE pregnancy. Since this is pregnancy #2, I am finding that it has flown by so quickly! I feel cheated and want to start over again. haha

I have about 6 weeks left and am trying to soak it up before the madness begins of learning how to be a mama to 2 kiddos.
I'll be following along with you... You look beautiful. Enjoy this sweet time that we love so much.

Christina McGuire

The McGuire Family